Why Non-Slip Shoes Are Important for Work?

Accidental falls and trips are the most common cause of work injury. Therefore, using non-slip shoes for work is beneficial because they prevent the most common cause of work injury. This footwear contributes to eliminating missed workdays brought by accidents and maintaining team member productivity.


You wouldn't want to miss work for a certain period, would you? Working in the hospitality or healthcare industries, you are frequently in contact with substances that can cause you to slip and fall, such as grease, water, cleaning agents, liquids, and beverages. As a result, you have an increased risk without non-slip shoes to protect your feet.


Aside from these contaminants, you encounter different floorings that footwear without proper treads won't be able to grip on properly. With you barely having a minute to sit and rest, you need non-slip shoes to give you the proper care as you provide customer service to others.

Everflex has a wide range of non-slip shoes that will help you get through a physically challenging day at work.


Our team gathered information that will make decision-making easier for you. So please continue reading until the end.


What are non-slip shoes?


If you are new to the industry and your work requires wearing non-slip shoes, you might wonder how different they are from the trainers or hiking boots that provide you with the traction you need for your outdoor activities.


This footwear has unique characteristics to help you get through your workday without trips and falls.


  1. Material of the Shoe


Ensure that your non-slip shoes have a flexible, elastic, and adaptable material because hard materials tend to be overly stiff, resulting in poor grip. Thankfully, Everflex has the correct footwear material you will need to keep you standing upright and walking as you rush from one location to another.


Our customers from the hospitality and healthcare industry include nurses, doctors, dentists, servers, baristas, bartenders, and more. It would be best if you also got a well-fitting pair because wearing wrongly sized non-slip shoes is equally dangerous as not wearing one.


Everflex non-slip shoes come in size 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13. Determine your Everflex size by consulting our size guide, where you can compare your sizes with its UK, US, and EU counterparts for easier verification.


Knowing your size in any of the three systems makes it easier to locate your Everflex size.


  1. Tread Pattern


The tread pattern is a crucial consideration when selecting non-slip footwear because they provide a firmer grip on the floor by generating friction. The treads are frequently in circles, hexagons, or squiggles. Non-slip shoes utilize these treads because they increase the sole's surface area and catch against uneven surfaces, which reduces the risk of falling.


Look for those with smaller patterns since they provide better resistance. The ideal space between each form of the tread is 2mm. If your non-slip shoes have these, you will have a safer work environment!


  1. Anti-skid Soles


Durable ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) rubber helps outsoles protect you from trips and falls. The outsoles of non-slip shoes are slightly rounded on the sides. The thick soles prevent water from getting trapped underneath, making it possible to grip the floor even with the presence of contaminants.


Moreover, hospitality and healthcare workers can avoid foot, ankle, and back pain both during work hours and outside because of the thicker-than-average soles. They offer additional arch support to minimize tiredness during extended hours of standing or walking. In addition, the thick, firm soles on non-slip shoes support your heels and toes, preventing future foot problems.


The Different Jobs and Why They Need Non-Slip Shoes


For Hospitality Workers


The hospitality industry covers businesses that offer services to guests and customers. If you work in this sector, your work probably has something to do with places like hotels, motels, resorts, restaurants, and theme parks, among others. Some employees who deal with spillage are cooks, servers, hosts and hostesses, and delivery drivers.


Have you seen these workers run from one place to another while balancing trays and dishes? All are recipes for disaster, and we shudder at the thought of all of them crashing together if they are not wearing the proper non-slip shoes! Knowing what can happen to you should be motivation enough for you to arm yourself with a pair of these Everflex shoes.


For Healthcare Professionals


As healthcare professionals, you hold and handle items that could break and spill, like vials and tubs. Urgency is part of your work, and you walk your way around briskly while avoiding dangerous falls. Aside from carrying medicinal vials, you also do some strenuous lifting.


Assisting patients twice your size requires that you have proper footing so both of you won't fall. Can you imagine how dangerous it could be if they were not wearing non-slip shoes? More worries include broken glass and sharp things in addition to spills.


We don't want our healthcare professionals to rush to help the public and step on something that could be harmful. Protect yourself from all these dangers by purchasing a pair of non-slip shoes from Everflex!

They are attractive, affordable, comfortable, and perform their function well!


For Cleaning Staff


The cleaning staff deals with slippery cleaning products and water every day. They walk and clean surfaces with fresh wax, snow, sludge, and rainwater. As such, they are in constant danger of falling accidentally always.


Avoiding all these hazards is easier if you wear a pair of non-slip shoes from Everflex. In addition, the pair is cheaper than paying for hospital bills (in case you get into an accident).


For Everyday Life


Everyone can wear non-slip shoes if they want to. Working in the industries we mentioned is not a requirement to do so. Puddles and ice spots are everywhere due to the changing weather.


Spillage can happen anywhere, even while crossing the street, and the other pedestrians drop their drinks. Since accidents can happen anytime, it is wise to have a pair of non-slip shoes from Everflex!


Grab a Pair Now!


Prevention is better than cure! Don't wait for an accident to happen to you before you get yourself a pair of non-slip shoes. Head to the Everflex online shop or the nearest retailer to you.


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