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Everflex Girls and Boys School Shoes

The Everflex Range

Be sure on any floor with Everflex Shoes! Our range of school and work styles merge fashion and function effortlessly. Students of all ages appreciate the support, flexibility, and high-shine of our school shoes. Workers trust our slip resistant range to keep them steady in any environment. From long days in the classroom to action-packed shifts in the workplace, our enduring Everflex shoes will bring you the best comfort!

School Shoe Accessories

Get the best comfort with Gel Innersoles! Enjoy extra cushioning—
innersoles can help reduce stress on joints and absorb shock. With built-in
arch support, Gel Innersoles can help soothe discomfort. The softer, dark blue
gel featured in these provides additional shock-absorption, while the arches of
the feet are supported by the firmer part of the innersole.  Enjoy the
best fit and cushioning thanks to Gel Innersoles!

Innersoles Gel Blue Mens


Searching for that little something else? Our Comfort Foam Innersoles provide padding under the foot, so you can enjoy your latest pair in painlessly! These versatile innersoles can be used as a fitting aid by reducing the depth of a shoe. Enjoy the best fit and cushioning thanks to Comfort Foam Innersoles! Perfect for all kinds of shoes, from sneakers to sandals and boots.

Comfort Foam Innersoles


Get ready for Instant Shine! If your shoes are looking sad and tired, this is just what you need! Suitable for all colours and styles, this easy to use shoe shine is the perfect product! Forget the mess of regular shoe shiners— Instant Shine is quick and effortless. With only one step from better looking shoes, it’s time you got some Instant Shine!

Instant shine


Are you on the hunt for some longer laces? We have just what you
need! Our flat laces are the perfect replacement set for your shoes. Whether
you need something for school, work, casual, or active shoes, these
flat laces will fit like a dream! The slim cross-section on our laces will let
you tie these nice and securely. So, grab a set of spare laces today!

Length: 125cm

125cm Flat Laces


If you need to update your sock drawer, then grab this pack of
three! This pack features ankle-high grey, blue, and pink women’s socks. Since
they sit low on the ankle, our women’s socks will suit many different shoe
types. These socks are also trans-seasonal, so you can wear them in the heat of
summer and the cold of winter. Plus, the soft and breathable material will feel
fantastic on your feet! 


Socks 3pk Womens Ankle


Find the fun
in every day with Men’s Anchor Socks! If you’re bored of your plain business
socks, or have a soft spot for novelty patterns, then these will be perfect! This
pack of socks features one pair with blue and black stripes, a second pair with red and white
spots, and a third pair with red, white, and blue anchors. Add these awesome Men’s
Anchor Socks to your collection today!


Socks 3pk Mens Anchor


The future
looks bright with Men’s Palm Socks! This three pack features one black pair
with a palm tree print, a second pair with teal and black stripes, and a third
pair with spots. Forget about plain socks, and let our novelty ones liven up
your season instead. Men’s Palm Socks are versatile enough to be home or office
wear, so we know you’ll love wearing them this season!


Socks 3pk Mens Palm


Our half innersole provides cushioning and comfort for the ball of the foot. 

Half Innersole- Black


These socks will be a great pick for your kids! You get value for
money with this pack of three, which features a purple, pink, and blue pair of
socks. The thicker material padding the ankle and soles provides extra protection
where kids need it most. Socks like these can be worn with shoes of all sorts,
including school styles! 


Socks 3pk Kids Ankle


men’s socks? Yes, please! If your sock drawer needs restocking, then these
classic ankle socks are the perfect option. Since they’re low-cut, you can wear
these with all sorts of different shoes. With their soft feel and classic look,
you can’t deny that these men’s socks would be a great addition to your
collection. Get more for your money with this affordable three pack! 

Sizing: 8-11

Socks 3pk Mens Ankle