Size Guide

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Our handy Size Guide will help you find the best fit for women, men, and kids!


Take the guess work out of online shopping! Everflex is here to make things easy. With separate charts for men, women, and three in-depth charts for children, you will have everything you need to make an informed decision on our products.

Our size charts will help you compare women’s, men’s and children’s sizes from Everflex with their UK, US, and EU counterparts. If you know what size you are by just one of these systems, you can instantly figure out which size will suit you best!


Our sizing system goes by Australian standards. As such, men’s shoes are two sizes bigger than our women’s shoes. For instance, a men’s size 8 is relative to a women’s size 10.


EU shoe sizes are a popular international measurement and very common in other shoe stores around Australia, so there is a good chance you have seen them before. UK and US shoe sizes are also good to know, as you may have some favourite places that you shop online that use these.


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So, why wait?

Have a look below at our women’s, men’s and children’s sizing charts to help you on your way!



Finding the right shoe size is simple at Everflex! This easy-to-read chart will help you find your perfect fit in seconds. Just find the size you know and follow it back to your Everflex measurement!

If you are a woman who fits an EU size 40, for instance, then you can quickly find that on the chart by following the far right section down vertically. Once you have it, work your way back to the left horizontally, and you will see you are also a US size 9, UK size 7, and a size 9 at Everflex.

It’s as easy as that!

Please note: women’s shoe sizes at Everflex are the same as on the US scale.


Everflex UK US EU
5 3 5 36
6 4 6 37
7 5 7 38
8 6 8 39
9 7 9 40
10 8 10 41
11 9 11 42



The chart below will help you find your proper size in an instant! Just find the measurement you recognise and compare the sizes on the same horizontal line.

For instance, if you are a man who fits an EU size 45, then you look vertically down the right side to find it. Once you have, you will find all of your other relevant sizes are now on the same horizontal line: a US size 12, UK size 11, and Everflex size 11.  

Finding the perfect fit has never been easier!

Please note: men’s shoe sizes at Everflex are the same as men’s UK sizes.


Everflex UK US EU
6 6 7 40
7 7 8 41
8 8 9 42
9 9 10 43
10 10 11 44
11 11 12 45
12 12 13 46
13 13 14 47



At Everflex, we have a total of 16 children’s sizes, which means you are sure to find something that will fit your child at every stage of their development.

As well as this main size chart for children, we also have two charts to help split kids up into age groups: Pre-Walker/Toddler and Junior/Preteen.

How do kids stack up against the adults?

At Everflex, our kids’ sizes merge with the smallest of our adult ones. The largest of our children’s sizes (which is a size 5) is around the same as a women’s size 7. This makes it easy for children to transition into our adult range as they get older.


Everflex UK US EU
3 3 5 21
4 4 6 22
5 5 7 23
6 6 8 24
7 7 9 25
8 8 10 26
9 9 11 27
10 10 12 28
11 11 13 29
12 12 1 30
13 13 2 31
1 1 3 32
2 2 4 33
3 3 5 34
4 4 6 35
5 5 7 36



In addition to the UK, US, and EU information, we have a section on this chart to indicate the shoe sizes an average child will fit into, relative to their age. Given how fast those little feet grow, this is measured in months!

At Everflex, our Pre-Walker sizes are 3-6. These are small and soft styles for babies and toddlers who are still crawling.

Toddler shoes sizes are 7-10, and good for toddlers and kids who are crawling or starting to walk. These are also very soft and malleable, which is excellent for tender, developing feet.


Everflex UK Approx. Age (months)
3 3  
4 4 9-12
5 5  
6 6 12-16
7 7 16-20
8 8 20+
9 9  
10 10  



Like the previous chart, we also have two different sections for Juniors/Preteens. The first features the average ages (in years) of kids that will fit the style. This should make finding the right size of shoes for your children effortless when you are shopping online.  

Everflex Junior sizes are 11-13. These will be a great style for younger kids who are already up and about. The styles come with more protection for their feet while they walk and play.

Preteen sizes at Everflex are sizes 1-6. As the name suggests, these shoes are for older kids, preteens, and teenagers with small feet. The largest of these start to merge with our adult styles.


Everflex UK Approx. Age (years)
11 11 2-4
12 12 4-6
13 13  
1 1 6-8
2 2  
3 3  
4 4 8-10
5 5