Why Choose Everflex Non-Slip Shoes

Winter is fast approaching, and streets will become slippery. The risk of accidents and injuries is high unless everyone arms themselves with slip-resistant shoes. So everyone, especially students and workers (men and women) from industries like hospitality, healthcare, aged care, and food, should head to Everflex to get themselves a pair.

Everflex is a trusted brand with a collection of slip-resistant shoes that will keep you safe. We do not want to scare people, but accidents from slipping are no joke. They can be permanent and more costly than paying for a pair of these nonslip work shoes. 

Why risk it when you can easily access footwear that can save you and your entire family?

Allow us to call in our team from Everflex so that we can explain further the need for you to get a pair of these shoes and why you should choose to get them from Everflex. Then, if you're ready, let's begin!


Why Get Non-Slip Work Shoes?

Workers in the food industry are in constant danger of slipping because they move between wet or greasy surfaces. As a result, the workplace can experience food spillage, water, juice, and even hot oil, all of which are dangerous if you are not wearing slip-resistant shoes.

The tread grooves on this footwear are distinctive and offer strong traction to grip the ground securely. However, with everyone always hurrying to provide service, they will not be fully aware of everything and can slip and run into each other.

If you can encounter all these, why risk it when you can protect yourself with Everflex non-slip shoes?

Healthcare and aged care workers need to care for patients daily. They are either delivering medicines and syringes or doing the heavy lifting. They must be stable to do all these things because patients' lives are at risk.

Wearing slip-resistant shoes would ensure stability and support as they lift and turn their patients. Without these shoes, they are potentially causing harm to others and, more so, themselves.

With their boisterous running in the playground and the hallways, your child can meet accidents and go home with broken bones. Not wearing the right shoes makes them vulnerable and increases the chances of you getting a call about them having an accident.

Paying for slip-resistant shoes is more affordable than the medical cost of rehabilitation. Prevention is better than cure, so go to Everflex to get everyone you love a pair!


Why choose Everflex?

Everflex understands the risks and problems of not wearing slip-resistant shoes, so the available styles in our stock aim to prevent them.

The collection has the following features, each working individually towards a collective goal to keep you safe from any probable cause of accidents. Apart from these wonderful features, the excellent price will keep you returning to our store!

Here are the features:


1. Slip-resistant soles

This design feature keeps your slip-resistant shoes steady and stable even when they encounter liquids and slippery floors. In addition, the soles have grippy treads that let fluid pass through so it won't stay underneath the footwear and cause harm. 

These treads come in circles, hexagons, and squiggles, creating friction against the wet surface. Instead, choose slip-resistant shoes with smaller spaces between the grooves for better hold and traction to keep the wearer steady and standing.

Here are some scenarios that result from severe slips and trips when you do not have a pair of Everflex non-slip shoes on your feet—sprains, broken bones (including the back), head trauma, and paralysis.

These are costly and can affect your way of life, sometimes permanently.


2. Oil-resistant outsole

Restaurant workers, particularly those who enter the kitchen, encounter oil daily. Scorching-hot oil can spill on you and cause severe burns.

If you choose Everflex slip-resistant shoes, you'll have an oil-resistant outsole that prevents the oil from seeping through the material and burning your feet.

Burns have ill effects, including disfigurement, loss of a limb or mobility, scarring, and infection. In addition, you could get hurt in several ways without slip-resistant shoes, and you might need time off from work to recover.


3. Commercial-grade non-marking rubber outsole

If you're a fan of several indoor sports, such as badminton, volleyball, and tennis, among others, you're familiar with commercial-grade non-marking rubber slip-resistant outsoles. This feature of slip-resistant shoes from Everflex offers maximum friction. 

Having this on your non-slip shoes ensures the floors you walk on, like tile, remain mark and damage free.

The sports we listed all require lateral movements and quick direction changes, like when your child is late for class and zigzags through the crowd or when restaurant servers avoid co-workers and customers. 

Wearing Everflex non-slip shoes with these features ensures you are safe while doing your responsibilities.


4. Heel impact cushioning for shock absorption and support

What's the one thing you search for when you buy any footwear?

You check if they offer support and cushioning to relieve pain and pressure from all that standing and moving around. Then, multiply that need by a couple more for those constantly on their feet, carrying a heavy load.

Everflex recognised this need and released its non-slip shoe collection with this feature.

Aged care workers must lift and turn their patients, some leaning their entire weight on them. As such, they need heel impact cushioning that absorbs the extra weight and pressure. Make work safer and more manageable with non-slip shoes on your feet.


5. Flexible and padded innersole for all-day comfort

The primary purpose of innersoles is to make your non-slip shoes more comfortable. It fills out the space between your feet and the inside of the footwear, making standing, walking, and rushing to do tasks more bearable.

You can compare this feature with Skechers and other well-known but expensive brands.


Choose Everflex Non-Slip Shoes!

Everflex has put much thought into your needs because it values your safety and comfort. Prevent casualties and accidents from happening to you and the people close to you by wearing non-slip shoes with all the features we enumerated. 

Head to the nearest Everflex retailer or the online store. Be sure to select the correct size. Then, find your Everflex size using the handy size guide.