When is the Best Time to Start School Shoe Shopping?

Parents and guardians need enough time to prepare for the start of another academic year. They have a lot to buy but not as much time, busy as they are. So first things first, we suggest prioritising your child's school shoes. Why?


Buying school shoes don't happen in one day. Parents and children spend days trying on several pairs first, comparing prices, and choosing which one is best. At Everflex, you will find all pairs of school shoes imaginable, but we understand your plight.


Check that each pair follows the characteristics of the ideal school shoes for your child. With all said, when is the best time to start shopping for school shoes?


Our team at Everflex gathered information to answer this question for you.


1. When Your Child Needs Them


There is no specific timeframe to get your child their school shoes. We believe the best time to do it is when they need a new pair. It's a misconception that your child can survive a whole academic year with only one pair of school shoes.


Children grow at different times. It would be great for parents and guardians if their child's growth spurt occurred over the holidays when there are plenty of sales, discounts, and time to buy new footwear.


Most students will outgrow their school shoes during the semester, necessitating parents to purchase a new pair before their children get uncomfortable. Even so, it doesn't exclude you from making an effort to organise a shopping excursion that will enable you to find the most affordable footwear.


2. Beat the Crowds


It's customary for brands of school shoes to introduce a new line of footwear weeks or even months before the official start of the academic year. Though we advise delaying the purchase of new school shoes until the very last minute to avoid any growth spurts, there might be requirements to consider.


For instance, if the educational institution requires a specific style, you must start looking for the pair early to get ahead of others looking for the same thing. An essential tip on situations wherein your child found the school shoes they want, but the size isn't in stock:


Ask the store if they can order the right size to save you from wasting time and effort searching for the same pair elsewhere.


3. The afternoon is The Best Time to Purchase


Despite the desire to complete the chore of purchasing school shoes as soon as possible, choose to do it in the afternoon because that's when kids' feet are more swollen.


That way, you can measure and get your child a pair of well-fitted footwear when their feet are at their largest. Ensure you measure each foot individually and provide enough wiggle room for your child's toes.


4. Look Out for Deals


Some back-to-learning sales in Australia begin as early as Boxing Day.

Depending on the state, some start at the beginning of January, giving kids a solid three weeks off before they return to their classes, which is often around the end of January.


Everflex school shoes are affordable all year round, but buying them during the sale season gives you access to our collection at reduced prices. If you want to know when sales are on at Everflex, check our social media account, follow them too, and sign up on our mailing list.


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A wise shopper is always looking for opportunities to get quality school shoes for a lesser price.


5. Consider Buying School Shoes Online


People are more conscious of going to crowded places, and with the start of the academic year around the corner, more parents, guardians, and children are looking for the ideal pair of school shoes. May we suggest shopping for school shoes online?


It will save you the time (and aching feet) from physically going through different stores with kids in tow. Buying school shoes online is fast becoming a popular option to shop. Finding the right pair of Everflex footwear on our website is simple.


We indicate the colour and sizes available for each of our styles.

Plus, we have a handy size guide that will help you compare children's sizes from Everflex with their UK, US, and EU counterparts.


With a total of 16 children's sizes available at Everflex, you can be sure to find school shoes to fit your child at every stage of development. Apart from the primary size chart for kids, we also provide two age-specific charts: Junior/Preteen and Pre-Walker/Toddler.


However, you can also shop in-store if it makes you feel more comfortable. Some parents prefer that their children try on different pairs of school shoes and walk around in them to find the perfect one.


These school shoes will be your child's companion most of the time in their classes, and it's critical that they feel comfortable in them at the onset. That way, you can find footwear with an accurate fit.


Go and Get a Pair Now!


Shopping for school shoes requires careful planning. Parents and guardians must research ideal shopping times and the best fashion options. They also should make shopping equally fun for their children because they must be fully involved in the task.


It can be daunting, but with Everflex, things will be bearable. Head to our online shop or the stockist nearest you. Add new pairs of socks from our shoe care section before checking out!