What To Look Out for in a Pair of Non-Slip Shoes!

Some jobs and professions require spending long hours on your feet. Some examples are medical professionals and workers in the food service industry. Everflex has slip-resistant shoes, and women's non-slip shoes are a must in any fast-paced kitchen or restaurant environment.


And with most slip and fall accidents occurring at work, you need to wear the best available non-slip restaurant shoes you can buy. These non-slip work shoes offer comfort while on your feet all day and help reduce kitchen accidents. Also, with safety in mind, non-slip shoes offer support for long days in the kitchen.


These dedicated workers are constantly moving as they render service to the people and need to keep safe through non-slip shoes. Therefore, our collection of safety shoes should be paired with our safety workwear and is made up of work boots tried and tested to regulatory standards, as well as lightweight clogs that offer comfort all day while protecting your feet and yourself from potential hazards.


Find your nearest store to check product availability for Click & Collect your favourite styles, size, and colours. Non-slip shoes are a type of safety footwear. From the name itself, their purpose is to keep users from sliding and falling on slick surfaces, wet or greasy.


Yes, the safety of our customers always comes first. Safety shoes like non-slip shoes ensure your feet are firmly on the floor, even when surfaces are wet from water, grease, and even oil. Likewise, slip work shoes are durable and protect your feet from harm.


Other brands like new balance and reebok have to differ in styles. Are closed shoes mandatory in your work environment? Birkenstock has an adjustable strap on the instep and a reversible heel strap.


To verify if they are non-slip shoes, check if they have a synthetic rubber sole, providing improved traction and grip. Then, if you are searching for a pair, you are in the right place. Because at Everflex, non-slip and slip work shoes benefit your feet, and the benefits of being practical on our budget.


The price range of these brand shoes is at regular price only. But, sometimes our shop gives special offers to our customers when you buy both non-slip work shoes and slip work shoes with heel straps. So, sign up now for special offers at any shop or store near you.


Everflex has several pieces of non-slip shoes for men and women. All of which come in black.

To help you in your search, our team at Everflex gathered tips on what to look out for when buying a pair of non-slip shoes. These are essential characteristics to keep you safe and protected while doing your job.


Characteristics and Features


The peace of mind you get from knowing you are safe from accidental slips while performing your job is incomparable. In addition, wearing the correct non-slip shoes will prevent injuries and free your feet, heels, toes, ankles, and calves from pain and discomfort.


Lucky for you, Everflex has a good selection that will keep you safe and slip-free.


1. Anti-skid Soles


You can identify non-slip shoes when there's an indication in the box or online description. However, that is not always the case. The outsole of a decent pair of non-slip shoes is slightly rounded on the sides and composed of durable ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) rubber, a synthetic foam-like material used frequently in the outsoles and midsoles of many types of footwear.


What is this different from a regular footwear sole? The typical soles are flat, allowing liquids to get underneath, causing slips and falls. Soles of non-slip shoes can hold onto the floor even when slippery or greasy.


In addition, the soles of non-slip shoes should be light, flexible, and soft, even if you want durability. These characteristics will absorb shock and prevent fatigue. Additionally, a softer rubber sole typically offers optimum traction on slick terrain.


2. Tread Pattern


Another essential feature to look out for when choosing non-slip shoes is the tread pattern. The bottom of the outsole will have circles, hexagons, or squiggles. These treads will help your non-slip shoes grip the floor firmly as they create friction.


In addition, they aid in increasing the sole's surface area and catching against uneven surfaces to reduce the risk of falling or tripping. We recommend getting smaller patterns as they have better resistance.

Additionally, there should be at least 2mm space between the individual shape of your non-slip shoes' tread pattern.


3. Material of the Shoe


The perfect material for your non-slip shoes must be flexible, malleable, and adaptable. Hard materials tend to be too stiff, causing poor grip. Our non-slip shoes have these characteristics to keep you safe at work.


We provide the best footwear ideal for nurses, doctors, dentists, baristas, servers, and more. The non-slip shoes at Everflex are 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13. Are you confused with your Everflex size?


You can consult our handy size guide, which allows you to compare with your UK, US, and EU counterparts. Use our clear filter categories to easily see the size guide and choose your styles and colours. In addition, all our stores posted size guides on their walls.


If you know your size in any of these three systems, you can locate your Everflex size.


Additional Reminders


Did you know that the best time to buy footwear is in the afternoon? Your feet naturally expand during the day, so you may want to measure them in the afternoon when they are at their biggest. It is critical to test out the features of this footwear if you plan to purchase it in a physical store.


While you might not find a wet or sticky floor, a shiny and slick floor will do. Please check these other features to keep your non-slip shoes perfect for work. These are:


  • Cushioned collars
  • Midsole padding for maximum comfort
  • Adequate toe boxes


Do you need socks and other accessories with your footwear? Check our shoe care section.


The Importance of Wearing Non-Slip Shoes


Some common types of fatal work injuries result from tripping and falling. These common injuries that result from not wearing non-slip shoes are:


  1. Broken bones. Bones grow more brittle as individuals age, and while some fractured bones can heal naturally without surgery, others need screws to hold them together.


  1. Back injury. Trips and falls are the most common causes of back injuries. If you're unlucky, you might find yourself needing spinal surgery. Choose non-slip shoes.


  1. Head injury. Head injury is one of the more damaging effects of accidental falls. We don't want you hitting your head the wrong way because it can lead to paralysis or permanent brain damage.


  1. Hip fracture. This injury is one of the longer ones to heal and can chip away at your independence. There are times you may need to rely on others to move around. To prevent this, get yourself a pair of non-slip shoes.


  1. Internal organ damage. Some falls result in internal organ damage on x-rays days after the accident. You can avoid all these with the proper non-slip shoes.


But, again, essential workers and front liners are critical. If they sustain these injuries from workplace mishaps like falling, they will necessitate time off work. Moreover, recovery can take days, even months, depending on the severity.


And we at Everflex don't want that to happen, so we made sure all our non-slip shoes are of top quality and would provide the protection you need from these injuries.


Have You Decided?


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