The Importance of Finding the Perfect Pair of School Shoes

As a parent, your top priority is keeping your child healthy and safe.

You keep an eye on everything, including the food they eat, their body temperature, and the safety of the surroundings they frequently visit.

But while it's not as obvious, parents should prioritize the care of their child's feet by getting them the perfect pair of school shoes.


Aside from your home, the next place your child spends the most time is the academic institution. Therefore, it's crucial to ensure that kids have supportive school shoes on their feet as they grow. Foot troubles can last a lifetime if your footwear doesn't fit properly.


So aside from looking for style and appearance, there are several factors that parents (and guardians) should check for their child's school shoes.

Here at Everflex, we understand the role proper footwear plays in ensuring your child can develop their feet correctly.


Our range of school shoes at Everflex ticks all the boxes: style, colour, material, and size. Here are the reasons you should take extra care in choosing your child's school shoes. Knowing this will arm you with information that will prepare you for footwear shopping.


  1. Provides Comfort


Having well-fitted school shoes, where your child can freely wiggle their toes, provides them with a comfortable experience. In addition, we expect our children to give their undivided attention to the demands of their classes. However, uncomfortable school shoes can distract them from that.


Our range of footwear at Everflex is flexible, breathable, and durable, all top-notch characteristics that will keep their feet comfortable throughout the day. In addition, providing them with comfortable school shoes will eliminate the possibility of swollen and tired feet.


  1. Possesses Firm Grip and Support


No parent wants to see their child coming home with scuffed knees and elbows after a day of classes. Slippery floors, juice spillage, rain, mud, and other possibilities can cause your child to trip and fall. Everflex understands the need for school shoes to provide a secure grip and support.


Our footwear materials can help secure your child with proper grip and support to keep them safe.


  1. Shield Their Feet from Natural Elements


If your child has the correct school shoes, they can run and play in the playground without worrying about bad weather conditions like rain or cold. The weather is unpredictable. It can be sunny in the morning, then rainy at noon.


Sending your child to class without the reassurance of durable school shoes can be risky. Durable and thick soles will give them proper stability, protecting them from slippery and muddy grounds. You can rest easy knowing your youngster is safe from the elements with school shoes from Everflex.


Constant exposure to bat weather can cause the footwear to lose its luster and shine.


To protect the school shoes from that fate, use our instant shine, available in our shoe care section.


  1. Covers and Protects Feet Against Foreign Objects


Kids socialize as part of growing up. They participate in various activities with kids their age. Similar to our previous point, they spend a lot of time playing outside or engaging in sports, which are common reasons for stumbling over sharp objects by accident.


But don't worry because Everflex school shoes have thick and sturdy soles that will protect your child from accidental maiming. In addition, wearing footwear with complete foot coverage reduces the likelihood that foreign objects like gravel or tanbark lodging inside.


  1. Helps Them Feel More Confident


Admiration from peers and classmates helps boost a child's self-confidence. Children show each other their favourite stuff, from bags, clothes, ballpen, and even footwear. Shiny, stylish, and durable school shoes will earn admiration from classmates and friends.


Lucky for you, all our Everflex footwear ticks all the boxes.

Our school shoes will help your child get through the academic year, including social activities, class lessons, and self-confidence issues.


Impact of Wearing School Shoes in the Wrong Size


Your child's feet are a continual work-in-progress. There are no identical feet, even from one person. Your child's left and right feet might not even be the same size. Over the next 15 years, the bones in their feet will continue to change, some joining together and some lengthening.


Providing space for growing feet will promote appropriate foot development, healthy growth of the muscles and tendons that support them, and prevention of any chronic issues developing into adult problems.


School shoes that are too small are the main reason kids develop foot issues.


  1. Too-small footwear can cause a child to have lifelong issues with their feet, legs, and back, in addition to being uncomfortable.


  1. Too tight or short school shoes will force the toes into an abnormal position, resulting in pain, ingrown toenails, hammer toes, calluses, and bunions.


  1. Wearing footwear that is too tiny all the time can stunt the formation of the bones in the foot, shortening them permanently and causing chronic pain.


  1. Cramped toes can also change how a person walks, resulting in poor posture and impacting the growth of the back, leg, hip, and foot muscles.


Everflex provides a wide range of sizes, 16 sizes in total, so your child will undoubtedly find a pair that fits them perfectly at every stage of their development. Our school shoes come in sizes 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Check our size guide to learn more.


The Ideal School Shoes


The most important factors for school shoes are fit and breathability.

Children's footwear should accommodate their feet's excessive sweating.

School shoes should be suitable for the temperature and activities, flexible, and not hinder foot movement.


Footwear should not be heavy because it can cause muscle pain and foot aches. School shoes should be flexible in the front. The ideal pair will bend at the ball but no further. Fastenings such as laces, buckles, and touch-fastening straps are must-haves because they keep the school shoes in place.


Your child's ability to tie their laces will determine which fastening is perfect for them.


When in Doubt, Choose Everflex!


If you wish to provide your child with the best foot care possible, choose Everflex. Our school shoes are the best in ensuring your child's feet will develop correctly and won't cause a problem later in life. Head to our online shop or the stockist nearest to you.