School Shoes They'll Wear Again and Again

Children wear their school shoes for around 30 hours each week, or more than 15,000 hours, throughout their academic careers. Therefore, parents and guardians must buy their kids well-fitted footwear because the wrong ones can cause problems in adulthood. Some issues caused by ill-fitting school shoes may even require surgery later in life.


Did you know that the bones in your child's feet are still fusing until the puberty years? Therefore, it's necessary that the footwear they wear during these developing years fully support their feet. The Everflex team breaks down the different kinds and styles of school shoes your children will repeatedly wear.


  1. Sizes and Colours


Finding well-fitted school shoes will define your child's experience during the academic year, so parents and guardians need to find a pair in the correct size. The selection of footwear at Everflex comes in the following sizes: 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. The easiest way to find the correct size of school shoes for your child is to consult our size guide, where we have a total of 16 sizes for children.


Aside from the main chart, two more charts categorize kids by age: Pre-Walker/Toddler and Junior/Pre-Teen. We encourage you to accurately measure the length and width of each of the child's feet to ensure they are wearing the correct school shoes. It's best to schedule shopping for footwear in the afternoon or evening when their feet are at their largest size.


Your child's comfort depends on how well-fitted their footwear is.

The school shoes at Everflex are available in the following colours: black and white. Educational institutions usually prefer black, so ' ideal if you check for dress code guidelines.


If they are strict with choosing only black, maybe you can consider getting a pair of white ones for dress-down days.


  1. Fastenings and Materials


Fastenings are essential in keeping the school shoes in place.

Why? Different fastenings, such as buckles, laces, and touch-fastening straps, prevent the school shoes from slipping forward.


We must prevent it from happening so the toes won't scrunch and claw.

This movement can harm the front of your child's foot, eventually leading to hammertoes, which can be permanent. Choose a pair of Everflex school shoes with the best fastenings to protect your child's feet.


Additionally, fastenings make it easy to readjust how tight the footwear should be, which gives enough allowance for the child's constantly developing feet. For kids not yet skilled with tying laces, it's best to get them buckled or touch-fastening pairs.


Meanwhile, most preteens and teenagers choose footwear with laces because they already know how to tie them. In addition, school shoes of good quality have a sturdy rubber sole and good cushioning for comfort and durability.


Everflex also offers vegan-friendly footwear, which you might consider an alternative to its leather counterpart. Switching to vegan-friendly school shoes is advantageous in so many ways. But, of course, the environment and its inhabitants are the leading beneficiaries.


These school shoes do not use animal products in their production.

In contrast, leather material comes from animal skins like cows, sheep, and goats.


Another point for vegan-friendly school shoes is how they leave a minimal carbon footprint. But, more importantly, it's weather-resistant, making it perfect for all weather changes.


  1. Styles


Everflex carries a beautiful range of styles that children will love.

Our school shoes are a complete package to see your child through the academic year. From comfort, durability, stylishness, and affordability, Everflex has all of it and more.


Breathability is critical for all children, especially those who love horsing and running around. Sweat is inevitable, so there must be a way for moisture to escape their school shoes. Our styles are age-appropriate and follow the most uniform guidelines.


Boys Style 1 - Lace-Up


Aside from sweat, school shoes must stay in place, so they won't cause any accidents while the boys play with their classmates. This style is perfect for older kids who can tie their laces independently. Parents and guardians, please ensure that the laces on their school shoes are of proper length because longer ones can cause accidents also.


Boys Style 2 - Pull-On Boots


Black pull-on boots are popular because they go well with uniforms.

The elastic side gussets on these ankle-high school shoes allow for a slip-on fit and maximum comfort. In addition, the two tabs on top help make taking off and putting on less complicated for the kids.


This style is recommended for boys still figuring out how to tie laces.

Everflex ensures that your child has stability and protection against natural elements and foreign objects through the thick, sturdy soles.


Girls Style 1 - Mary Janes


Don't Mary Janes remind you of baby doll footwear? A staple in student uniforms, these school shoes comply with most uniform regulations and have a leather upper for solid, long-lasting use. In addition, your child has the option to tighten or loosen the straps to fit her feet well.


Breathability is a strong suit of these school shoes, given the open top section that allows the air to enter.


Girls Style 2 - T-Bar


There is increasing popularity for these school shoes among kids with higher insteps. Characterized by two thin straps forming a single T-shape and fastened with a buckle, this footwear has a wide toe box that provides enough toe-wiggle space for your daughter. In addition, the buckle securely holds the school shoes in place.


Girls Style 3 - Double Straps


These school shoes are for girls still learning to tie their laces. The double touch-fastening straps lock the footwear in place. It has a similar vibe and coverage to pull-on footwear but has straps to prevent the accidental removal of the footwear.


Your child can continue engaging in various activities without fear of tripping and getting into accidents.


Grab These Pairs Now!


We know shopping for school shoes can be daunting and tiring, but you have to provide your child with the best experience they can get.

Do you have a style in mind now? If yes, head to the Everflex online shop or the stockist nearest you.


Do not forget to purchase new socks for your child as well. We have some you can add to your cart on our accessories page.