Our Kids' School Shoes Are the Perfect Fit!

Wearing kids' school shoes with the perfect fit is advantageous to your child. With about 30 hours in their learning facility each week, your child spends most of their foot's development period wearing that footwear. 


So, it's clear that their kids' school shoes need to fit well, so they don't have foot or even health problems as adults.


Foremost of all characteristics is comfort. Parents and guardians must provide their children with a comfortable pair of kids' school shoes that will allow them to perform well in their classes. Support is equally important as the bones of their feet fuse until puberty. 


With so many things to consider, finding footwear with the perfect fit can be daunting. You need to know the correct measurement, the things to look out for, and even warning signs to observe. 


But there's no need to fret, as our team at Everflex has rounded up a guide to make choosing easier for you.


The kids' school shoes at Everflex are the perfect fit! However, that statement is only enough once you read why they are the best. Our kids' school shoes tick all the boxes, which we will explain.


1. Correct Measurements are Essential


The correct footwear size will determine if the kids' school shoes fit perfectly. A vital factor to consider is the timing. Please measure your child's size in the afternoon when they are at their largest.


While you can do the measuring yourself, we advise having a professional do it to ensure correct sizing. We cannot risk ill-fitting footwear, so it's essential to examine both feet because most children and adults will have one foot that is longer or wider than the other.


There's a misconception about buying kids' school shoes: they'll last the entire year. Take them for a measurement every 8–12 weeks. Everflex makes it easy for parents and guardians to find their child's Everflex size through the size guide. Check it out! 


2. The Checklist for the Perfect Fit for Kids' School Shoes


We're sharing here a quick checklist of what you need to look out for when looking for a pair of kids' school shoes that are the perfect fit.


The distance between the end of the footwear and the tip of the longest toe should equal a child's thumb width.

  • The heel cup must be sturdy and supportive and not lean in any one direction. You can check by pressing the sides of the heel. Unfortunately, the kids' school shoes do not offer enough support if they sink when you press.
  • The broadest area of the footwear should fit the most expansive area of the foot.
  • The kids' school shoes must have a flexible sole, specifically at the ball of the foot only. It should also have enough cushioning to support the foot.
  • Fastenings such as buckles, touch-fastening straps, and laces are essential to securing footwear. 
  • The back of the footwear should be sturdy and solid, and the heel should be snug but comfortable.
  • Breathable material in the upper and the lining of the kids' school shoes is essential.
  • Check that the footwear has a natural resistance to water.


3. Signs to Observe When It Comes to the Footwear's Fit


We advise parents and guardians to pay attention because kids sometimes show signs that their school shoes don't fit right. Here are some that the Everflex team gathered:

  • Your child's awkward walking may indicate that their school shoes are too tiny.
  • Your child's footwear is too big if you can remove them without trying.
  • Not wanting to wear their kids' school shoes signifies their discomfort with their footwear.
  • A collapsed heel cup on the footwear could mean sizing problems.
  • Blisters or rubbings on your child's feet imply that the kids' school shoes are too small.


4. Everflex Styles with the Perfect Fit (Compare With Top Brands!)


Everflex has styles of school shoes for kids that meet uniform requirements and give your child's feet the support, comfort, and durability they need as they grow. Compare with Asics, Clarks, Harrison, and any other brand, but buy from Spendless where they are affordable! 


Style 1—T-Bar


The T-Bar is a famous style of footwear for girls with high insteps. The footwear has two thin straps, creating a single T and a wide toe box for a comfortable and perfect fit. A buckle keeps the kids' school shoes in place by attaching one end and catching the other in a safe but movable manner.


Style 2—Mary Janes


Mary Janes are a classic pair of kids' school shoes for girls secured by touch-fastening straps! These straps give your child control over how tight or loose they prefer their footwear. In addition, these breathable kids' school shoes have an open top that allows air to enter and perspiration to exit.


Style 3—Pull-On Boots


The pull-on boots are popular kids' school shoes for boys with elastic side gussets for a slip-on fit and maximum comfort.


Boots cover the whole foot up to the ankle, so something can't get stuck inside. In addition, these kids' school shoes warm your child's feet, especially during the colder months.


Style 4—Lace-Up


Lace-ups are the ideal kids' school shoes for older girls and boys who can tie their laces independently. 


The laces keep the footwear in place and give your child control of the fit. They can tighten or loosen the kids' school shoes until they find the perfect fit! Be mindful of the laces' length so that your child won't trip on their footwear.


Style 5—Double Straps


These kids' school shoes are ideal for boys and girls still figuring out how to tie laces.


The double touch-fastening straps are made of strips that lock together when pressed. This keeps the shoes from coming off by accident.


It's easy to lock the kids' school shoes, but it takes more force and makes a clear ripping sound when opening them.


Your Child Deserves the Best Black School Shoes!


Please provide your child with a durable pair of kids' school shoes that fit them perfectly! Please remember all our tips because they will help keep your child (and their feet) healthy.


Head to Everflex's online shop or site. You may also visit the nearest store to get a pair at the right price! Check out our categories, which range from baby to toddler to adult men's and women's.