Non-Slip Work Shoes Need These 3 Things

Accidental falls are the most frequent reason for workplace injuries. The best way to prevent that is by using non-slip work shoes. You should get a pair if you can eliminate the possibility of missing workdays caused by accidents and maintain team productivity. 


Nobody wants to be absent from work for an extended period of time. But if you are in the hospitality or healthcare industries, you often come across grease, water, cleaning products, liquids, and drinks that can make you slip and fall. You are at significant risk without non-slip shoes to protect your feet! 


In addition to these things, there are several types of flooring that slip-resistant shoes without the right treads can't grip well. 


Finally, it would help if you had non-slip shoes to give you the proper care as you provide customer service to others. Are you aware of the three essential things to look out for when buying a pair of this slip-resistant footwear?


We at Everflex will give you the three items your non-slip shoes must have. The collection at Everflex has all three and will help you get through a physically challenging dayon the job.


Read on to learn more. 


What are non-slip work shoes?


 If you're new to the field and must wear white or black non-slip shoes for professional purposes, you might ask how they differ from the trainers or hiking boots that provide the grip you require for outdoor activities.


This slip-resistant footwear has special features that will keep you from falling or tripping on the job.


1. Material for Non-slip Work Shoes 


Make sure the material of your shoes that won't slip is elastic, flexible, and adaptable. Rigid materials tend to be very stiff and don't give you enough grip. Fortunately, Everflex carries shoes made of materials that allow you to walk and stand in comfort while rushing from one location to another.


Our clients include nurses, doctors, dentists, servers, bartenders, baristas, and other people who work in healthcare and hospitality.


Additionally, you must get a pair that fits you properly because wearing ill-fitting non-slip shoes is just as risky as not wearing them. Everflex has this slip-resistant footwear in sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13.


Find out what size Everflex you are by using our handy size guide, which you can use to compare with the UK, US, and EU sizes.


Finding your Everflex non-slip shoes is simpler if you are familiar with your size in any of the three systems.


Fit is never an issue if you use these tips!


2. Tread Pattern


When looking for shoes that won't slip, the tread pattern is very important because it creates friction, which gives you a better grip on the ground. The treads typically have squiggles, hexagons, or circles in them.


Non-slip footwear has treads that increase the surface area of the sole and catch on uneven surfaces when you step on them. This makes it less likely that you will fall.


Smaller patterns offer more resistance, so keep an eye out for those. The recommended spacing between tread forms is 2 mm. Your workplace will be safer if your non-slip work pair has these!


3. Anti-skid Sole and Heel Strap


Rubber outsoles made of strong ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) can help keep you from tripping and falling. In addition, your pair has slightly rounded slip-resistant outsoles on the sides. These keep water from getting stuck underneath, making it easier to grasp the floor, even with impurities. 


Non-slip footwear with thicker-than-average soles also help people who are in hospitality and healthcare avoid foot, ankle, and back pain. They have extra support for the arch, which makes standing or walking for extended periods less tiring. 


Also, these soles are thick and durable, so they support your heels and toes and prevent foot problems in the future.


Various Jobs and Why Non-Slip Shoes Are Critical


For Healthcare Professionals


As healthcare professionals, you hold and handle objects like vials and tubs that could shatter and spill. Your job involves working with urgency so that you navigate the area quickly. It would be best if you had slip-resistant footwear to prevent you from falling.


You carry not only medicine vials but also do the heavy lifting. You need to be on stable ground to help people twice your size, so neither of you will fall. Do you know how dangerous it can be if you don't have non-slip footwear?


Your concerns do not end there, as broken glasses and sharp things can also harm you. We don't want our medical staff to trip over anything hazardous in their rush to assist the public. Get some slip-resistant footwear from Everflex to shield yourself from all these risks!


They are functional, appealing, reasonably priced, and comfy.


For Hospitality Workers


The hospitality industry includes businesses that provide services to visitors and clients.


If you are in this industry, you are likely to work in establishments like hotels, motels, resorts, restaurants, and theme parks, among others. 


Cooks, servers, hosts and hostesses, and delivery drivers are among the staff members who deal with spills.


Have you seen these employees juggle trays and dishes while running from one location to another? Have you also considered their comfort?


All are disasters waiting to happen, and we tremble at the notion of them colliding if they are not wearing the right non-slip pair! Since you are now aware of what can happen to you, please protect yourself by buying a pair from Everflex—online or in the physical store!


For Cleaning Staff


Every day, the cleaning staff deals with water and slippery cleaning supplies. They clean surfaces and interact with fresh wax, snow, sludge, and precipitation. As a result, they are always at risk of falling by accident. 


When exposed to these conditions, the durability of your work footwear becomes an issue. 


Wearing a pair of Everflex non-slip footwear will make it easier to avoid these risks. In addition, slip-resistant footwear is significantly cheaper than hospital expenses (in case you get into an accident).


For Your Own Personal Use


Everyone is free to wear non-slip footwear whenever they choose. Unfortunately, the inclement weather has caused puddles and ice patches to appear everywhere. Spillage can occur anywhere, even when a pedestrian crosses the street and drops their drink.


Mishaps can happen anytime, so having a pair of Everflex non-slip footwear on hand is a good idea!


Save yourself by purchasing a pair!


Prevention is better than cure! So get yourself a pair of non-slip work footwear immediately; don't wait until you experience an accident. Top brands like New Balance, Birkenstock, and Reebok can't compare, so head to the Everflex online shop or nearest stores.


Add an instant shine to your shopping cart from the shoe care page of the Everflex website to keep your slip-resistant footwear looking new.


Choose from a wide selection of sizes and designs to find the perfect fit and look.


The Everflex store offers a wide variety of non-slip work shoes. Check out their comfort and safety features that are built into the shoes to provide you with extra traction and stability on slippery surfaces.


Finding the right pair is easy with the help of Everflex. Their collection offers a our great stock of items in various designs and sizes, so you can find the perfect pair at the right price to meet your needs. You don't need to break the bank!


Now you know the 3 things to look for when purchasing a pair of non-slip work shoes for men and women. Make sure to visit Everflex for a great selection of slip-resistant shoes in various sizes and designs, at reasonable prices.