Non-Slip Shoes Your Feet Will Love You For

Is your occupation in the health or hospitality industries? Most people searching for non-slip shoes work in these industries and need footwear that will protect them from oily, wet floors, which are accidents waiting to happen.


On a typical day in hospitals and restaurants, employees rush from one point to another, carrying vials of medicines, drinks, and food trays. In their haste, accidental spillage can happen.


The last thing we want to happen in hospitals or restaurants is accidents caused by not wearing suitable footwear. In this case, non-slip shoes. We at Everflex recommend our range of footwear that your feet will love you for and prevent these accidents from happening.


Characteristics and Features


The comfort you have, knowing you are safe from trips and falls while performing your profession, is unparalleled. Your feet, heels, toes, ankles, and calves will all be a pain- and discomfort-free if you wear the proper non-slip shoes.


You're in luck because Everflex has a wide assortment that will keep you secure and accident-free. The team at Everflex narrowed down a list of what's essential in a pair of non-slip shoes. Remember all of them and ensure your footwear has all of them.



  1. Material of the Footwear


Check that the material of your non-slip shoes is flexible, malleable, and adaptable. Why are these characteristics essential?

Hard materials are frequently too stiff, which results in poor grip.


All these features are present in the non-slip shoes we sell at Everflex, ensuring your safety at work. We offer the best footwear ideal for baristas, servers, dentists, nurses, and more. Non-slip shoes at Everflex come in sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13.


Are you uncertain about your Everflex size? Using our handy size guide, you can compare your size to their counterparts in the UK, the US, and the EU systems. It is possible to find your Everflex size if you are familiar with your size in one of these three systems.


  1. Anti-skid Soles


One way to identify non-slip shoes is to read the label or look for indications in the box or description online. That isn't always the case, though. What you can do is check the soles of the footwear to confirm if they are anti-skid.


The durable ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) rubber used in the outsoles and midsoles of different types of footwear makes up the outsole of a good pair of non-slip shoes. You will notice that the sides are slightly rounded. What makes this different from a typical shoe sole?


Since most soles are flat, liquids can seep underneath and cause slips and falls. Conversely, the soles of non-slip shoes keep water from becoming entrapped there. They can maintain their grip even on oily or slick floors.


The soles of your non-slip shoes must be durable. Even so, they should still be lightweight, flexible, and soft. These qualities will reduce fatigue and absorb shock. A softer rubber sole also often provides the most traction on slippery surfaces.


  1. Tread Pattern


The tread pattern is a crucial consideration when selecting non-slip shoes. Typically, there will be circles, hexagons, or squiggles on the underside of the outsole. What makes them significant? Your non-slip shoes will have a firmer grip on the floor, thanks to these treads, since they generate friction.


To lessen the chance of tripping or falling, they help increase the sole's surface area and catch against uneven surfaces. We advise purchasing those with small patterns since they offer better resilience.

Additionally, there should be a minimum space of 2mm between each form of the tread pattern on your non-slip shoes.




Black is the only colour available in Everflex's women's non-slip shoes. We provide laced-up and unlaced styles. Our lace-up non-slip shoes are for the hospitality and aged-care sectors.


Some of their features include:


  1. Oil-resistant outsole.
  2. Commercial grade non-marking rubber outsole.
  3. Heel impact cushioning for shock absorption and support.
  4. Flexible and padded innersole for all-day comfort.


On the one hand, our non-laced non-slip shoes are for everyone who wants to keep active and is ready to traverse any terrain. Sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 are available for the Everflex women's non-slip shoes. Please refer to our size guide, which compares your size to equivalents in the US, UK, and EU, if you're unsure of your Everflex size.


 It is simpler to choose your Everflex size if you are familiar with your size in any of the three.




All of the men's non-slip shoes we offer at Everflex are lace-up. This style is available in the colour black. The laced-up non-slip shoes are for the hospitality and aged-care sectors, just like their female counterparts.


They possess the same qualities that we listed. Sizes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13 are available for the Everflex men's non-slip shoes. You might need extra care, like cushions and innersoles, because of the nature of your employment, which you can purchase in our shoe care section.


How to Clean Non-Slip Shoes?


To maximize your non-slip shoes' protection, you must ensure that your pair is at its best. Although maintaining your footwear's good condition can be a pain, it is worthwhile.


  1. Use a dry brush or old toothbrush in a circular motion to remove dirt or mud from the surface.
  2. Create a cleaning solution by mixing equal parts of water and vinegar, then add baking soda until dissolved.
  3. Remove the laces, uppers, and other removable parts from your non-slip shoes.
  4. Apply the cleaning solution with a brush to the footwear. Focus on the toe box and heel counter, typical locations that accumulate mud.
  5. Rinse the footwear and leave them to air dry.
  6. Wash the soles first, then the laces and uppers by hand. Scrub the soles with a brush to get rid of any stuck mud. Wash the soles with soap and water afterwards. Rinse. Dry the soles with a cloth.
  7. Blot the uppers with a wet cleaning towel. Mix a mild soap and water solution, where you will dip a clean cloth to remove the remaining dirt. Rinse with clean water and dry with a towel.
  8. Allow footwear to air dry once they have been cleaned and left water-free. Before using the non-slip shoes again, make sure they are thoroughly dry. Avoid drying outdoors in the sun to prevent colour fading.


Save Yourself by Getting a Pair!


Prevention is better than cure! Head to the online shop of Everflex or the stockist nearest you to get a pair. Don't wait for an accident to happen before buying.