Non-Slip Shoes You and Your Kids Will Love

Slipping and falling can be dangerous and potentially serious accidents, especially for kids. That's why investing in Everflex non-slip shoes is essential to keep you and your family safe and secure on your feet. 

Your entire family is constantly at risk of falling. Here are some causes of accidental slips and falls, which can also happen in the safety of your own home. 

  • Water, spills, and other liquids 
  • Uneven floors with cracks, bumps, or changes in elevation
  • Clutter, cords, and other obstructions
  • Poor lighting makes it challenging to see obstructions
  • Improper footwear

Your family must wear slip-resistant shoes. You never know when the above will happen to you or your children. They are excellent for various activities, including work, play, and everyday wear. This footwear is also fashionable!


What are non-slip shoes?

Non-slip shoes reduce the risk of slipping on wet and slippery floors with unique features that increase grip to prevent falls. As a result, they are instrumental in industries with a higher risk of slips and falls, such as healthcare, hospitality, and food service. 

Three features make slip-resistant shoes unique. These unique features work together to reduce the risk of slips and accidents and keep you safe and secure on your feet. Please allow our Everflex team to help you identify them.


  • Make or Material of the Footwear

Ensure that the material of your slip-resistant shoes is stretchy, flexible, and able to adapt to different situations because too stiff materials may not provide enough grip and stability. Instead, this footwear uses materials resistant to oil and other slippery substances, which prevent slips and falls.

Take notice of the appearance of slip-resistant shoes, and you'll see that the bottom of the shoe, called the outsole, has a slightly curved shape rather than completely flat. This design allows liquids to drain off the surface instead of getting trapped in the tread grooves, helping reduce the risk of slipping on wet floors.

Ensure you get non-slip work shoes that fit correctly because wearing ill-fitting footwear is just as dangerous as not wearing any. Everflex non-slip work shoes come in sizes 5 through 13. If you're a half-size, we suggest taking the bigger size. 

You can use the size guide to find the right size in Everflex by comparing your size to the UK, US, and EU sizes listed. 


  • Tread Pattern

The tread pattern of these non-slip work shoes is an important feature that helps to keep you and your child safe and secure in slippery environments. The tread patterns, shaped like circles, hexagons, or squiggles, create a higher coefficient of friction, strengthening the footwear's grip on slippery floors.

These shapes have specific uses. For instance, slip-resistant shoes with circular or oval tread patterns are ideal for outdoor use because they grip various surfaces well.

The hexagonal or honeycomb tread patterns are ideal for industrial or construction environments because they provide good traction on uneven surfaces. Lastly, our collection of slip-resistant shoes with squiggles or wavy, curving lines are perfect for the healthcare or hospitality industries because they provide excellent traction on wet or slippery floors. 

Moreover, they channel water and other liquids away from the foot, reducing the risk of slipping on wet floors. For the best grip and stability, choose footwear with small, closely spaced tread patterns, with a gap of about 2 mm between each.


  • Anti-Skid Soles

Choosing slip-resistant shoes with sturdy and flexible soles made of durable ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) rubber is essential to preventing falls and supporting your feet, heels, and toes. In addition, the thick soles can help prevent pain and fatigue for those on their feet for long periods. 

Moreover, the soles of Everflex non-slip work shoes can grip the floor effectively, even when impurities are present, by preventing water from getting trapped underneath. Protect yourself at work and your child at school by purchasing this footwear for your entire family.


The Everflex Non-Slip Work Shoes Described

Everflex slip-resistant shoes are an excellent option for both work and school. They come in a lace-up style in black, suitable for many school uniform requirements. 

In addition to being slip- and oil-resistant, these shoes have a commercial-grade non-marking rubber outsole and a built-in impact-cushioned heel for shock absorption and support. Also, we have vegan shoes that are good for the environment and have a cushioned insole so you can wear them all day. 


Additional Safety Reminders

  1. Before purchasing slip-resistant shoes, test them on slick surfaces like ceramic or porcelain tile, linoleum, vinyl flooring, or polished and waxed floors to ensure adequate slip resistance.
  2. If you are always on your feet or frequently walk on rough surfaces, you may quickly wear through the treads of your footwear. Inspect the slip-resistant outsoles every few months to check for wear and tear. Please do this by placing each piece of footwear on a flat surface at eye level and tapping it. 
  3. If any wiggles from side to side, it is time to replace the slip-resistant shoes. Also, remember to disregard any front-to-back movement caused by the rounded toe.
  4. Determine if your slip-resistant shoes need replacing by checking for tread visibility. This footwear works because the grooves allow water and other liquids to move through. However, if the treads on the bottom of the non-slip shoes are no longer visible and the footwear has become flat, it's ineffective in preventing slips and falls.


Purchase Matching Footwear for You and Your Child!

Non-slip shoes are essential footwear for men, women, boys, and girls who want to stay safe on their feet. Their unique features will more than meet your expectations! In addition, they will protect and support you and your child since they are a good choice for school footwear. 

We stock Everflex non-slip shoes for you and your kids! Get them today from our online store. Or visit our nearest store, where our staff can offer you assistance to select size, colour, and style. With our affordable price, why wait to experience their comfort and safety? You can also add to your shopping cart additional accessory items, socks, Instant Shine, etc.