Non-Slip Shoes are Important for Your Health and Safety—Here's Why!

Some industries deal with a higher risk of falling because of spillages. Unfortunately, these accidents are no joke and can lead to worse scenarios.


When you work in the hospitality or healthcare industries, you are more likely to come into contact with liquids, lubricants, cleaning products, and water, among the most common reasons men and women slip and fall. As such, you need a pair of Everflex non-slip shoes to save you from all the hassle.


Wearing this footwear saves you the hassle of missing work for long periods. You also prevent health risks, some of which are irreversible and leave permanent damage.


Even if there is no liquid spillage, some floors can cause you to fall. With slip-resistant shoes, the treads grip these slippery surfaces to prevent accidents. In addition, Everflex's collection of slip-resistant shoes has unique characteristics that give you a firmer grip on slippery surfaces. 


In exchange, allow Everflex slip-resistant shoes to care for you so you can provide the best service possible. Our team prepared a more detailed rundown of why the right pair of work shoes are critical for your health and safety. We made it industry-specific for you. 


What are non-slip work shoes?


 What makes slip-resistant shoes different from trainers or work boots, which also support the feet? These three characteristics make them unique and essential for health, safety, and comfort. 


 1. Material of the Shoe


An elastic, flexible, and versatile material are essential for slip-resistant shoes because rigid ones can be stiff and provide inadequate traction. This unique design is ideal for doctors, dentists, nurses, servers, baristas, and bartenders. 


With slip-resistant shoes at their feet, they are confident in doing their jobs without slips and falls. Ensure you purchase properly fitting footwear because wearing the wrong pair can be as detrimental as not wearing any. 


Everflex non-slip shoes are available in sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13. By comparing your sizes to those of your UK, US, and EU counterparts, you may determine your exact Everflex size using the convenient size guide


2. Tread pattern


The tread pattern is another characteristic of non-slip shoes. This pattern creates the necessary friction to grip the ground better. In shapes like circles, hexagons, or squiggles, the tread pattern of slip-resistant shoes increases the sole's surface area, so they can catch irregular surfaces, reducing the chances of falling. 


Smaller ones, with an ideal spacing of 2 mm between each, will give you better resistance to slippery surfaces. 


3. Anti-skid Soles


These shoes are built with a non-slip sole and can help you remain sure-footed in slippery areas. The outsoles of Everflex slip-resistant shoes work with durable ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) rubber that protects from trips and falls. 


In addition, since they prevent water from becoming trapped underneath, the footwear's robust slip-resistant outsoles make it simple to grasp the floor even when contaminants are present.


More importantly, the thicker-than-average soles provide health protection for hospitality and healthcare employees, preventing foot, ankle, and back pain during and outside working hours. 


Wearing these shoes with these soles also supports your heels and toes, essential in preventing future health issues. Wouldn't you get one if there was footwear that could provide you with additional arch support to minimise tiredness during extended hours of standing or walking?


 How Non-Slip Shoes Help Specific Jobs and Industries 


Here is a list of the most typical professions and sectors requiring slip-resistant shoes, along with explanations on why choosing the appropriate pair is crucial for health and safety.


For Healthcare Professionals


Because of the pressure to perform well at work and the consequent urgency, slip-resistant shoes are necessary to prevent mishaps. In addition, healthcare providers hold and handle objects like vials and tubs that could shatter and spill. 


Along with carrying pharmaceutical vials, your job also requires some strenuous lifting. Having proper footing to assist patients twice your size would be best, so both will stay strong. Imagine what can happen to you and your patient if you're not wearing Everflex slip-resistant shoes. 


If you consider sharp objects and broken glass, that could impale you. Everflex non-slip shoes will protect healthcare professionals as they rush to serve the public. It's attractive, affordable, and comfortable!


For Hospitality Workers


The hospitality business includes companies that offer services to guests and clients. Your work involves motels, resorts, dining establishments, and theme parks. Your job will require you to run around to ensure that you provide quick service, which is why the right pair of slip-resistant shoes is critical. 


Cooks, servers, hosts and hostesses, and delivery drivers are among the staff members who deal with spills regularly. Have you seen these workers dashing between locations while juggling trays and dishes?


We shudder at the thought of them running into each other if they don't have Everflex non-slip shoes. However, knowing that these things can happen to you is sufficient to persuade you of the importance of wearing this unique footwear for your health and safety. 


For Cleaning Staff


The cleaning staff uses water and slippery cleaning materials every day. They deal with floors sloshed with snow, sludge, and rainwater, cleaning them, and applying fresh wax.


Because of what they encounter daily, there's a high risk of falling accidentally. 


Investing in Everflex non-slip work shoes will shield you from these hazards. Also, because these shoes are cheap, buying them is much cheaper than paying hospital bills after an accident. 


For Everyday Life


People who care about their health and safety should get a pair of Everflex non-slip shoes without working in any of the specific jobs we mentioned. Puddles and ice patches are everywhere after inclement rain. You can also encounter spills anywhere—at grocery stores, crosswalks, and parking lots—so you must arm yourself. 


Prevention is better than cure, so get your Everflex non-slip work shoes! 


Your Health and Safety Must Be a Top Priority! 


Non-slip shoes, like the Skechers brand and other popular brands, can be a great way to protect your health and safety. With a wide selection of sizes and styles, you can find the perfect pair to meet your needs at Everflex. 


Check our stock of non-skid shoes to ensure you have the right pair for your feet. Get your Everflex non-slip shoes if you value your health and safety. Some of the other things you can add to your cart are removable insoles, socks, shoe cleaners, etc. 


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