Need Non-Slip Shoes for Work? An Everflex School Shoe Has You Covered!

Several jobs and occupations require non-slip shoes because they entail a lot of standing, running, and brisk walking. That's why Everflex has non-slip and slip work shoes that are easy and give comfort for everyday use. These non-slip and slip-on work shoes have heel straps for safety and protect your feet from heavy catering equipment; the non-slip shoes ensure your feet are firmly on the floor even when surfaces are wet from water, grease, and even oil.


We at Everflex believe safety should be a top priority to avoid accidental trips and falls. This is important in choosing the right shoes. The Everflex store has stock and product availability in styles, sizes, designs, and colours. The colours come in white and black.


If you work in industries such as healthcare or hospitality, you know that on-the-job accidents are nothing to joke about, and you must protect yourself with a pair of non-slip shoes. It's best to wear non-slip shoes if you are a healthcare professional or are in a hospital. The price of non-slip work shoes at the store is the regular price.


Sometimes they give special offers to every customer who signs up. Other brands like New Balance, Birkenstock, Crocs, and Reebok have different styles and colours. You're lucky because Everflex's selection of school footwear is adaptable, and you can use them as non-slip shoes.


It is also slip-resistant, which protects you from any harmful accidents. Non-slip work shoes are slip-resistant shoes that you can rely on for everyday work, even rain or shine. This shoe is tested to regulatory standards and is made of lightweight clogs that offer comfort all day while protecting your feet and yourself from potential hazards.


Let us give a rundown on the significance of this footwear in different industries before we explain our line of non-slip shoes.



For Healthcare Professionals


Healthcare staff deal with potential falls daily, holding and handling things that can break and spill, from vials to tubs. This has been tested for durability and comfort on your feet. Moreover, healthcare workers must rush from one area to another, delivering results or tending to patients.


Some even have some heavy lifting to do. If they are not wearing non-slip shoes, can you imagine the hazard level they could face? Aside from spillage, they also have to deal with broken glass and sharp objects.


We don't want our healthcare workers to step on a dangerous object in haste to provide service to the people. So, for all the reasons mentioned, consider checking out our available non-slip shoes to save you the hassle.

Footwear is not only for style and fashion but also keeps you safe and comfortable all day.



For Hospitality Workers


That is why non-slip work shoes are required for hospital workers. Slip-on shoes are allowed, but only for those inside the office. Non-slip work shoes are cheaper.


You can buy it at a regular price. The hospital and store are our deals with the price. If you work in this industry, you are most likely working in hotels, motels, resorts, and restaurants, among others.


Likewise, hotels and resorts have the same shoe recommendation. However, they prioritize the safety and the benefits of its durability and comfort. Cooks, servers, hosts and hostesses, and delivery drivers are some workers who constantly deal with spillage here and there.


All of these workers must arm themselves with a pair of non-slip shoes. Have you observed how they rush from one area to another, carrying trays and dishes? If one drops a tray and spills all its contents, others doing similar tasks can potentially cause accidents.


Knowing all this, you should prepare yourself against all accidental elements, feet first, with a pair of non-slip shoes from Everflex.



For Cleaning Staff


Non-slip shoes are synonymous with cleaning staff because of the amount of cleaning products and water they deal with daily. In addition, they deal with freshly waxed floors, snow, sludge, and rainwater. All of these are hazardous if they do not have non-slip shoes.


You may want to check out the range of footwear at Everflex to avoid accidents.


For Everyday Life



You do not have to work in the industries we mentioned to protect yourself with non-slip shoes. The changing weather leaves puddles and ice patches everywhere. It can also be spillage from the drink of the person next to you in the grocery aisle.


It's best to invest in a pair since accidents can occur anytime. Besides, the non-slip shoes at Everflex look good anyway!



Everflex Footwear


  1. Men


All the available Everflex non-slip school shoes for men are of the laced-up kind and are only available in black. The colour black is very popular with all trainers. If you work in the hospitality industry, please choose the laced-up style.


The features of these non-slip school shoes include:


  • Oil-resistant outsole.
  • Commercial grade non-marking rubber outsole.
  • Heel impact cushioning for shock absorption and support.
  • Flexible and padded innersole for all-day comfort.


The Everflex men's non-slip shoes come in the following sizes: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13. Use clear filters to check all details of shoe size. In addition, due to the nature of your job, you might require special care, such as cushions and innersoles. All of these, including quick shine, are available to purchase in our shoe care section.


  1. Women


All the available Everflex non-slip school shoes for women are black. Because black colour is easy to clean and manage. But for healthcare professionals, white is required. Our two styles are laced-up and non-laced. Each style has a specific target audience.


Most customers pick non-slip work shoes for daily activities. So the price range is not too high.


Like its counterpart in the men's category, the laced-up style is for the hospitality industry. Therefore, they have the same features we mentioned. However, if you live an active lifestyle beyond your workplace, may we suggest you change your footwear to the second style of Everflex non-slip shoes?


Our non-laced footwear is for anyone who wants to stay active and ready to tackle all sorts of terrain. All under-the-non-slip shoes come in the following sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. You can easily choose the right size by using filters.


You can search and access our website pages by signing in. First, you can check out all the products and items on our website. Then, you can place your order on our site and get the order number for your items or products.


Add these brands to your empty cart. If unsure of your Everflex size, refer to our size guide, comparing your size to its US, UK, and EU counterparts. The store has its size guide posted on its walls. The stores are full of stock of all sizes.


Knowing your size in any of the three makes it easier to determine your Everflex size. In addition, clear filters will help you easily.



How Do You Know It's Time to Replace Your Footwear?


1.No holes in the soles.


Make sure your soles are intact and free of holes. These gaps, whether big or small, might create a dangerous condition that could result in an accident. We at Everflex suggest that you replace them with another pair of non-slip shoes.


  1. Constantly check the outsoles.


Outsoles are for non-slip shoes, just as tires are for cars. You must constantly check to see how worn out your outsoles are because they are essential for getting you from point A to point B. They are responsible for the stability and grip of your non-slip shoes.


It's time to purchase a new pair if they aren't functioning as they once did.


  1. Keep your footwear's mouth shut.


Your footwear is about to begin "talking" when the outsole starts to split from the upper of your non-slip shoes. You want to avoid this happening. Replace your non-slip shoes when they start to "talk" because they can be hazardous and cause accidents.


Don't Wait for Accidents to Happen!


For people working in the industries we mentioned, you must equip yourself with non-slip shoes. Not wearing one is an accident waiting to happen. So, what are you waiting for? First, check out non-slip and slip-on work shoes at your nearest store or shop.


Collect all designs and a range of sizes in your cart. Then, check our website or pages, and search for product availability, special offers, clearance sales, and prices. For those not in the industry, we recommend you get a pair for yourself.


So head to Everflex and get the slip-on work shoes with heel straps. You can match this with any outfit, even in black or white. If you pass by wet grounds often, you should! Head to the Everflex online shop or the stockist nearest you!


Check out the clearance sales and special offers in any store.

Shop now and Grab yours while on Sale!