Kids’ School Shoes We Love This Season!

The start of every academic term is a busy time for parents as they search for the best pair of kids’ school shoes for their children. Finding the perfect option takes a lot of effort because parents want to ensure their children remain comfortable. Academic shoes significantly impact a student’s learning experience. To ensure your child can get the best experience, you must check for features that keep them comfortable. 

Are the kids’ school shoes comfortable? Can they withstand the wear and tear? Will the footwear protect your child against erratic weather changes and sharp objects? These are some of the considerations parents need to make when finding the ideal school shoes. Thankfully, one brand has all the answers.

Everflex is a reputable brand that knows the ins and outs of academic footwear like the back of its hand. The Everflex kids’ school shoes have all the necessary features, from quality materials to gripped soles. Discover why you will love them this season. Let’s start!

1. They are breathable.

Academic footwear options that offer ventilation for the feet will be at the top of everyone’s priority list this season. Warmer months require the correct footwear. As such, looking for a style that will allow their feet to breathe is critical. At Everflex, our breathable kids’ school shoes exhibit the following features:

  • Open-top design

Style options like Mary Jane and the T-Bar are the best examples of academic footwear with a well-ventilated open-top design. These styles do not cover the entire foot or have enough openings to let air through.

  • Laser cutouts

Laser cutouts are random geometric shapes or flowers on the footwear, which add a cute visual interest while providing additional entryways for air to get in. Everflex’s T-Bar has this, making it a favourite among young girls.

2. They are durable.

We all know that warmer months encourage children to spend time outdoors. In the students’ case, they will likely play in the playground more, spending longer hours chasing their classmates and friends. We must ensure the footwear can withstand wear and tear because we don’t want their academic footwear to break while playing. At Everflex, our durable kids’ school shoes have:

  • Quality materials

Everflex has two kinds of materials: leather and vegan. Both ensure the footwear does not break easily against constant roughness or changing weather. Style options like pull-on boots, Mary Jane, double strap, T-Bar, and lace-up use premium leather and synthetic materials, ensuring longevity. 

Leather and vegan are excellent options, but they have a notable difference you must know. Vegan school shoes are cruelty-free, meaning they do not use animals in production. The footwear also costs less because fewer processes are involved in its production.

3. They provide traction.

Your child needs kids’ school shoes with traction because they will spend a lot of time outside. Playing outdoors means your child will navigate various surfaces, whether soil, grass, or pebbles. They will focus their attention on their classmates, trying to catch them so they might overlook the ground they’re stepping on. Parents can worry less if they know the footwear will keep their children safe. At Everflex, our footwear protects your child via:

  • Gripped soles

The random shapes on the soles provide the friction necessary to keep your child steady. Confirm that the kids’ school shoes have them by flipping them over. All our styles have this feature because we want to keep your child safe while they explore outside.

4. They have spacious toe rooms.

When we say spacious, we mean there must be enough space for your child’s toes to spread naturally because this impacts their balance and stability. As mentioned, sunny days mean more time outdoors. Usually, we recommend leaving a 1cm gap between the tips of the kids’ school shoes and their longest toe. At Everflex, we ensure your child’s toes can move freely through:

  • Round toe design

Kids’ school shoes with round-toe designs are ideal for your child, especially since they are still developing. Avoid pointy options because they tend to squeeze the toes and are painful. All our footwear options have rounded toes, including the boots, Mary Jane, double straps, T-Bar, and lace-ups.

Some additional tips:

  • The best way to check for enough room in the footwear is to make your child wiggle their toes; they should be able to do it without any part rubbing the footwear.
  • Apart from ensuring the toes have enough room, the 1cm gap provides room for growth. Check the space to see if it’s still there every 4–8 weeks, and immediately buy new shoes when they're gone.

5. They are comfortable.

Save the best for last. Everyone wants a comfortable pair of kids’ school shoes for their children. We mentioned that your child must not get distracted from their academic stuff. To guarantee their full attention, Everflex prioritises your child’s comfort and ensures all options in the kids’ school shoe collection provide it. How do we do that?

  • Wide range of sizes

The right fit is crucial for comfort. Never force your child to wear shoes that are not their size. At Everflex, we ensure every child can find footwear in their size. We can cover everyone with a size range of 9–13 and 1–6. Getting their accurate Everflex size is also essential because shoe brands vary. Use the handy size guide if you need help converting from their US, UK, or EU sizes.

  • Fastenings

Control over the fit of their footwear is essential for their comfort. The three fastenings at Everflex—touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces—ensure your child can adjust how tight their footwear will be.

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