Kids' School Shoes That Won't Cost the Earth

The list of academic items your child needs grows longer each year; practical parents must budget the money to ensure they get everything on the list.

You want to provide them with the best products, especially kids' school shoes, as they significantly contribute to your child's academic performance.

Luckily, you can get academic footwear that won't cost the earth. So where is the best place to buy affordable kids' school shoes?

At Everflex, of course!

Everflex has the most comfortable, supportive, durable, and affordable collection of kids' school shoes. But if you want to save more, learn from savvy shoppers who know tips and tricks. Do you want to discover how?

If yes, please allow our team from Everflex to share their expertise. Aside from taking advantage of the brand's flexible payment systems, which will enable you to purchase top-quality footwear now and pay later, you can apply these other tricks to stay within budget.

Are you ready? Let's dive right into it!


1. Take advantage of sales

When you do a quick online search, you can find a schedule of sales every month. Shopping for kids' school shoes during these times is one way to save money. But even then, you must remember some things when shopping during sales.

Browse through styles before the sale so that you already have an idea of the features of each type. Always take your child with you when shopping for academic footwear. They must be there because they must try on the footwear for the proper fit.

Let them walk around the store to see if they feel comfortable. Moreover, ensure you have the socks they will be wearing with their academic footwear when your child tries them on because it also affects the size and contributes to the fit.

More importantly, shop in the afternoon or evening when your child's feet are at their maximum size. You must account for growth when choosing the right size of kids' school shoes.


2. Go online shopping 

Shopping for kids' school shoes online has several perks, and one of them is getting a discount. Brands provide discount coupons, vouchers and enjoy amazing rewards available only online. It's an excellent way to find academic footwear that won't cost the earth.

If you check the Everflex online store, a pop-up window will welcome you, offering an additional discount when you join the mailing list.

By joining the mailing list, you will receive updates about the best deals and event schedules, which could land you an even more affordable pair of academic footwear for your child.

When shopping online, remember to take your child's measurements. You must get their Everflex size because shoe brands vary in size.

If you know their measurement in any of the following systems—US, UK, and EU—you can use the handy size guide to help you convert them to the Everflex system.

Alternatively, you can take your child's measurements for their kids' school shoes, ensuring you get the length and width of each foot separately.

However, you can also have them done professionally. For example, a podiatrist can get their size and recommend the best academic footwear for their foot type.

Anyone making a first purchase would appreciate how simple it is to clear filters through the selection and set up an account for future purchases.


3. Never buy second-hand footwear

Some parents think buying second-hand kids' school shoes is more affordable and can save them some money. However, it can be more costly down the line. How?

Kids' school shoes mould themselves to the shape of the wearer's feet, ensuring full support and comfort. Unfortunately, if you buy second-hand, the footwear is likely set to the feet of the previous wearer and won't adjust to your child's feet.

Please remember that your child's feet develop until puberty, so their academic footwear must be supportive and cater mainly to them. Instead of saving money, you need more money to fix the problems and issues that may arise, such as blisters and deformities.

The worst problem your child can get from second-hand academic footwear is athlete's foot. Your child may get a contagious fungal infection if the footwear's previous owner had one.

Treatment may offset the money you save by buying second-hand academic footwear, which may cost more.


4. Buy at Everflex

You do not need to look far when you need school shoes boys and girls would be proud to wear but won't cost the earth. Everflex is the top online shopping and place to go if you're looking for quality academic footwear that's friendly to your wallet. The kids' school shoes tick all the necessary features to support your child. 

For instance, most of the academic footwear at Everflex has a rounded-toe design. Rounded-toe kids' school shoes provide enough toe room for your child, which is good for their balance and stability. 

But on the other hand, squeezed toes are never good, which can hurt them and distract them from their classroom performance.

More importantly, adjustability is essential in keeping your child comfortable. Everflex kids' school shoes have fastenings so your child can control the fit. They can adjust the fastenings if they want their academic footwear tighter.

Choose academic footwear depending on your child's skills in pressing straps, locking buckles, and tying laces. Everflex has three fastenings: touch-fastening straps, pins, and laces. 

Each fastening has its appeal and helps secure footwear for your child. As a result, you do not have to worry about kids' school shoes accidentally flying off and causing accidents.

Your child can choose from several affordable new styles they can wear to class. For example, kids' school shoes for girls include Mary Janes and T-Bars, while boys have pull-on boots. In addition, there's a unisex collection for girls and boys, including double straps and lace-ups!

Please remember to get sneakers, as this academic footwear is essential for more strenuous activities like sports and PE classes. Keep your kid's feet protected!


Save on Money While Providing Quality With Everflex Kids Schools Shoes!

Make your child and wallet happy by shopping for Everflex kids' school shoes that won't cost the earth. Head to the nearest retailer or the online store.

The Everflex brand offers a wide selection of quality footwear for students of all ages. For good reason, it has become a favourite source of well-designed footwear among both adults and children. The range of styles of girls and boys school shoes is comparable to popular favourite fusion brands such as Nike, Skechers, Asics, Harrison, Roc, and Clarks, just to name a few.

Finding the perfect fit for your child's feet may be tough, but fit experts are available at selected locations to help parents who book ahead.

There are many benefits to wearing these shoes; for example, they are long-lasting, cosy, and supportive. They are made to work correctly to meet the demands of a school day, from recess activities to sitting at a desk all day. Continue shopping!