Girls' School Shoes Perfect for Primary School

To make their educational experience the best, you must find the ideal girls' school shoes that will support their feet, so they won't have foot problems when they get old. In addition, your child will be experiencing a lot of firsts and will not need the added distraction of painful footwear.


As parents and guardians with kids starting in a primary learning institution, what are your usual concerns at the start of the academic year? These kids are between the ages of 4 and 5 and around 11; they are still growing, including their feet, which stop growing once they reach puberty.


During these years, they will learn new skills, such as tying laces and dressing. So, your child deserves a pair of shoes that will support them as they grow and change.


The kind of material, fastenings, and styles matter depending on their needs. More importantly, both parent and child must know how to care for the shoes to prolong their life, making the learning experience more comfortable.


Our team at Everflex will make the task easier for you by giving you a rundown of the musts when buying their footwear.


Read on to learn more!




Fastenings keep the shoes in place, keeping your girl safe throughout the day. When picking styles for your daughter's feet, choose footwear with the best fastenings because they keep your child's feet safe. 


There are three available fastenings at Everflex: touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces. Of course, your prefered method for fastening your daughter's shoes will depend on their skills. For instance, touch-fastening straps are the most accessible and ideal for early starters.


Your young child can open and close it with one hand. Buckles take more control because your child has to put one end of the strap through the buckle and into a hole. 


Lace is for the more advanced, those in their preteens, most likely because they can independently tie their laces by then.




Consider wearing vegan-friendly shoes as an alternative to leather. This material, contrary to leather, does not use animals in its production. Among the many benefits of vegan-friendly kids' school shoes is that they do not pollute or leave a significant carbon footprint.


Purchasing vegan-friendly footwear will benefit the environment and all of its inhabitants. Your child will also benefit because these shoes are more durable and made of weather-resistant materials. 


And as parents, you also benefit from vegan-friendly footwear because it has lower costs due to fewer production steps. So choosing vegan-friendly shoes is a win-win situation. 


 Using a Size Guide and Colours


Everflex shoes range in the following sizes: 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Verify your child's Everflex side with the handy size guide to find the best fit for her. 


In addition to the main chart for children, two more charts categorise kids by age range: Pre-Walker/Toddler and Junior/Pre-Teen. The afternoon is the best time to take accurate measurements of your daughters' feet in preparation for purchasing shoes.


The comfort of your child's footwear is determined by how well it fits.


 In terms of colour, the Everflex girls' shoes come in black and white.


Please check the dress code rules to determine whether other colours are acceptable, even though most educational facilities prefer black.


If not, you could choose to get a set of white girls' shoes for casual or dress-down occasions or physical education (PE).        




 You and your daughter could prefer three varieties of Everflex girls' shoes. But again, please check the dress codes of learning institutions to see which ones are okay. 


 Style 1 - Double Straps


This style uses touch-fastening straps, making these girls' shoes ideal for early starters. The twin straps on this footwear make them easy to use and keep the girls' shoes in place.


However, a distinctive sound occurs when you open the footwear and pull the straps apart. 


Style 2 - Mary Janes


Mary Jane shoes also utilise touch-fastening straps, making them ideal for early primary students. Your child can adjust the strap based on how loose or tight she wants her girls' shoes and her comfort level. 


The pair is popular because it meets most uniform rules, looks good, is easy for the child to put on and take off, and lets air in. The pair is popular because it meets most uniform rules, looks good, is easy for the child to put on and take off, and lets air in. 


This girl's footwear complies with most uniform regulations. Best of all, air can enter through the open top portion, keeping the feet comfortable.


Style 3 - T-Bar


The T-bar uses buckles to fasten the school shoes in place. It is a well-liked design, ideal for older girls with a higher instep who have learned how to use buckles.  


Because this style prevents the strap from catching on your child's feet, these school shoes are best at keeping their feet pain-free. In addition, this footwear's cushioning gives the ankle region the most support and comfort possible.


Lace-up school shoes are for more advanced students who can tie their laces independently. This style gives your daughter's feet coverage and support as she starts to do more things.


She can adjust the tightness at will, depending on her needs. However, parents and guardians must ensure that the laces on their footwear are of proper length because longer ones can trip your child. 


How to Prolong the Life of kids School Shoes


School shoes are a crucial component of their uniform, and you want to prolong the pair's life. 


Here are some tips on how!


1. Protect the Outer Soles


Clean the outer soles with a cloth or soft brush to remove the dirt and grime they constantly pick up as they contact the ground. Then, to keep the lustre of their school shoes, polish them with our instant shine, which you can find in our shoe care area.


2. Take Extra Care of the Inner Lining


School shoes typically have a fabric that can unravel over time. Put a thin coating of petroleum jelly over it to stop it, then store the footwear in a dry, cool place. 


Make your child's education the best it can be!


Get your daughter a pair of Everflex school shoes because she should be comfortable as she learns and grows. Then, head to the Everflex online shop or the stockist nearest you!


We Offer a Collection of Girls’ School Shoes (and School Shoes Boys LOve to Live In!)


At Everflex, we offer a collection of girls’ school shoes perfect for primary school. We have a wide selection of shoes to meet your child’s needs, safety, and comfort. We offer shoes in different sizes, designs, and prices similar to popular brands like Harrison, Nike, Asics, Skechers.


Our shoes are slip-resistant to ensure your child's safety on a variety of surfaces. They also have built-in traction for additional grip and comfort. You can find shoes with clear slip-resistant soles that help your daughter balance style and protection.


We also have different options to meet your daughter's style and comfort needs. Our collection of school shoes have adjustable fastenings and built-in cushioning to provide support and comfort to meet keep growing feet covered or protected.


Shop online or visit the store nearest you to find the perfect school shoes for your daughter. Plus, our team is always here to help. So, don't hesitate to reach out if you need further assistance.