Buy These Boys' School Shoes, and We Guarantee He'll Love Them

The start of each academic year signals a busy time for parents and guardians as they scramble to find boys' school shoes for their sons. There are many things to consider, but the most significant aspect is if he'll love them. So, what kind of footwear will he love?


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We have a range of comfortable black school shoes and sports shoes for girls and boys, featuring leather lace-ups and easy slip-on options. Children are always on the move at school, and our shoes offer great comfort and ankle support, but more importantly, they are built to last. Would you like to view your bag and checkout or continue shopping?


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Buy Everflex boys' school shoes because we guarantee he will love our collection. Aside from being stylish, our footwear is comfortable and affordable. Most importantly, they are breathable.


Children, especially young boys, are inherently energetic, usually playing and running around in their free time during the lunch hour. Because they sweat as adults do, there must be a way for moisture to escape from their boys' school shoes to prevent bacteria and fungi buildup, especially on warm days. Our team at Everflex breaks down the different features of our boys' school shoes and why your son will love them!


1. Style


Although most uniform rules require black, Everflex offers boys' school shoes in black and white. In addition, you may get an additional white pair for casual and activity-filled days. Your son will love the three options available at Everflex, which are lace-up, double straps, and pull-on.


All three have been uniform staples for years. You will notice some sneakers in the category, which will be perfect for sports and PE days.


Style 1 - Lace-Up


Lace-up boys' school shoes are ideal for older kids who can tie their laces. As parents, ensure that their laces are correct in length so they won't accidentally trip over their footwear. Your son will love this style because they can tighten or loosen the boys' school shoes to their liking, ensuring their comfort all day.


Style 2 - Double Straps


Two touch-fastening straps on these boys' school shoes secure the footwear. Your sons, in their early years of education, will love this style, especially if they are still learning to tie their laces. Like with lace-ups, double straps are adjustable, albeit limited, providing your child with comfort as they attend their classes for almost six hours each day.


Style 3 - Pull-On Boots


This classic-looking, the uniform-friendly black ankle boot is a style your son will love. These boys' school shoes have elastic side gussets for ultimate comfort when sliding their feet. Young children still learning how to buckle or strap their footwear would love the ease of wear this style offers.


Additionally, boots cover up to the ankles, protecting the wearer's whole feet from foreign objects that may lodge in their footwear. And they have thick soles too, which offer better stability and traction. However, we should caution that since this footwear has no fastening, nothing is securing the footwear in place.


Your son may unintentionally remove their boys' school shoes and hurt himself.


2. Various Fastenings


Fasteners play an essential role in securing boys' school shoes in place. You can pick between buckles, touch-fastening straps, and laces—the three types of Everflex fastenings. By keeping the shoes from slipping forward, your child's toes won't have to crunch and claw, which can lead to hammer toes that won't go away.


Choose the kind of Everflex fastening depending on your child's skills, whether they can tie laces, lock buckles, or touch-fasten straps.


3. Vegan-Friendly Material


The material of the boys' school shoes is an essential aspect you must check. Vegan-friendly footwear is an alternative to leather that has advantages for the environment and its inhabitants. Unlike leather, which is produced from the skin of animals like cows, goats, and sheep, the production of vegan-friendly boys' school shoes does not use any animals.


Moreover, vegan-friendly footwear doesn't pollute or leave a significant carbon imprint as its leather counterparts do. This material is the ideal protection against inclement weather because it is weather-resistant.


4. The Characteristics That Will Make Your Son Love His Boys' School Shoes


With all the designs and characteristics available at Everflex, choosing the perfect pair of boys' school shoes for your child can be overwhelming. However, we understand the pressure of getting it right as it involves the health of your child and their performance during classes. The team at Everflex wants to lessen the burden and help you narrow the choices down.


Here are some tips on what you should look out for when buying a pair of boys' school shoes.


The ideal fit


The ideal pair of boys' school shoes must fit comfortably in width and length. You must measure each of your children's feet from both angles to get an accurate measurement. If you're asking why you need to do this on both feet, it's because most children have one foot that's longer or bigger than the other.


You can use our helpful size guide to get an idea of Everflex sizing. At Everflex, we have 16 children's sizes, which means you can find something that will fit your child at every stage of their development. Unfortunately, the sizes from the U.S. and U.K. EU CM are too different, even the stroke width.


Enough room for expansion


Please remember that your child's feet will continue to grow and develop until puberty, so there must be enough space. The safest distance is about 1 cm from the top of the longest toe to the edge of the boys' school shoes, or roughly a thumb's width. You can check this by pressing the top part of the footwear while your son is wearing them.


The toe wiggle test


Check the fit of your child's boys' school shoes with the wiggle test. If their toes can move freely, you have the right size. Giving your child enough room for their toes to move around helps improve their balance, strength, and flexibility.


No hand-me-downs


While we all want to save some cash and find alternatives, there are better ideas than scrimping on boys' school shoes using hand-me-downs. Your sons deserve a new set of boys' school shoes because these mould to the shape of the user's feet. In addition, using previously owned footwear may mean that the footwear has taken on the contours of the previous owner's foot and could harm your child's foot.


Everflex's boys' school shoes are reasonably priced, so there's no need to worry about breaking the bank. With our flexible payment systems, like Afterpay and Zip, you can buy now and pay for your boys' school shoes later.


Buy Everflex footwear for your son!


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