Your Perfect Fit Is From Everflex This School Year!

Finding girls’ school shoes in the ideal size is no trouble when you shop at Everflex! The first thing you should know about our range is we have an enormous array of sizes. Each design has a span of sizes as well, so if your little one discovers a favourite, then you’ll be able to upgrade your girls’ school shoes as they grow. That’s just one way that we make finding the perfect style for your little student as easy as anything! 

Girls’ school shoes come with age-appropriate fastenings 

The teeniest style in our collection is outfitted with touch-fastening straps, as these are the easiest for little hands and fingers to move. Your child will have no trouble fixing their girls’ school shoes without the help of an adult. Buckled styles are also straightforward and allow for more adjustment than touch-fastening designs. Finally, we have lace-up girls’ school shoes, which complete the classic uniform look for older students. 

All of our styles adjust easily for the ideal fit, which means you never have to worry about kids getting sore feet during the day. Similarly, our girls’ school shoes are perfect for kids with wide, narrow, or average feet, since they’ll loosen or tighten to their liking.

Our size chart is also incredibly helpful if you need help finding the right fit for your girls’ school shoes. You can find links to the Size Guide at the bottom of our website, or, if you click on a specific product, on the right-hand side above the style description. Since you’re looking at girls’ school shoes, scroll down the page until you find the appropriate table. You will see the comparative UK, US, and EU sizing alongside the official Everflex size. With a helpful chart there to assist you, you can take the guesswork out of trying to convert measurements and select girls’ school shoes confidently. 

Do you know how to check that your girls’ school shoes fit correctly?

The beauty of shopping online is that you don’t need to go to a busy shopping centre and fight other parents for your new pair. However, we know some people have reservations about buying girls’ school shoes online because they can’t get their children fitted by a professional. Rest assured, if you follow our easy fitting steps, you’ll have no trouble this season!


  • Get your child to put on their new girls’ school shoes with their proper uniform socks or stockings. Thick socks can make all the difference to a fit, after all!
  • Do-up the fastenings until the style feels as secure and comfortable as possible, then ask them to stand.
  • To test that your girls’ school shoes have the correct amount of space inside, press down on the top and feel for their toes. There should be a centimetre gap between your child’s longest toe and the end of the material. 
  • Ask your child to walk around, wiggle their toes, and move in their new girls’ school shoes. Watch for any signs of slipping at the back (this indicates an oversized style) and check that there are no spots that are too tight or pinching their skin. 


If your girls’ school shoes pass this test, then they should be the correct size, and you should have no trouble with them! 

How do you feel about everything now?

We hope that you’re less stressed about finding the ideal size for your girls’ school shoes now! With Everflex’s enormous range of sizes, age-appropriate designs, and helpful guides, you should have no trouble. So, what’s holding you back? Find some free time and browse through our fabulous variety of girls’ school shoes at your leisure. The perfect pair for your child is only a few clicks away!