Your Guide to Purchasing the Perfect Non-Slip Pair of Shoes

When buying footwear, find the style you want and check for features that keep you safe. People often overlook how vital slip resistance is when shopping for footwear. The need for non-slip shoes is more crucial with slippery floors, wet streets, and tiny unseen objects that can cause you to trip or slip. 

While the food, hospitality, and healthcare industries require workers to wear this footwear at work, anyone who constantly deals with spillage, food, and slippery surfaces should get one, too. Even your house has items that can cause you to trip. Non-slip shoes protect you from exposed cords and wires, small children's toys, leaking faucets, and scalding hot cooking oil. Everyone deals with potential accident zones. Groceries, where you buy your daily essentials, have wet floors that can cause accidents for young children and adults busy checking out produce. 

It's best to protect yourself and your loved ones with Everflex non-slip shoes because they have features that ensure everyone's safety. Our team will share a guide on the necessary components to check when shopping for slip-resistant footwear. This way, you can find the best non-slip work shoes and come home in one piece at the end of the day. Let's start!


Tip 1—Look for slip-resistant soles.


Fluids like water, spilt juices, and drinks pose risks to your safety. With non-slip shoes, you can avoid falling into accidents affecting your day-to-day. The first thing you must check in a pair of non-slip shoes is the presence of slip-resistant soles. 

This feature provides the traction and grip to keep you steady and upright despite walking on wet surfaces. For non-slip shoes to work, confirm that the footwear has this feature by flipping it over and looking for various shapes on the soles. Slip-resistant soles have treads and grooves in shapes like circles, hexagons, and squiggles.

Non-slip shoes create friction against the surfaces using these shapes. The grooves let the fluids flow continuously instead of holding them under the footwear, saving you from slipping. Choose options with smaller spaces between the treads because they create more friction. Please remember to test this when you shop for non-slip shoes in-store. Walk on a slippery area to check if they are functioning well.


Tip 2—Check for oil resistance.


Constant exposure to hot, greasy fluids like oil can be unsafe. Workers whose daily tasks involve the kitchen or those who love cooking need non-slip shoes to keep them safe from slipping on and getting burned by scalding oil. 

Oil can be slippery, but a scalding one can be painful. The Everflex non-slip shoes have oil-resistant outsoles that protect you from the adverse effects of this hot, greasy fluid. The outsole prevents sizzling oil from penetrating the footwear and burning your toes and feet. More importantly, with slip-resistant shoes, you can ensure that you will remain stable and confident with each step on greasy, oily floors.


Tip 3—Verify that the rubber outsole is commercial-grade and non-marking.


Indoor sports like badminton, volleyball, and basketball require a specific kind of shoe that can prevent injuries despite quick direction changes, sudden stops, or high-impact movements. Commercial-grade and non-marking rubber outsoles ensure the players can finish each game without accidents. This feature is also necessary in a pair of non-slip shoes.

People who deal with crowds and slippery lobbies need this to ensure they can move sideways, change directions, and stop to avoid hitting people. Hospitality workers assigned to hotels and theme parks know this scenario too well. They must move quickly but safely in their haste to provide efficient service. 

Whether you work in these places, are a student on a crowded campus, or are a traveller dealing with people in the airport, you need cosy and protective slip-resistant shoes to keep you steady while navigating.


Tip 4—Confirm if there are cushioning and innersoles.


Spending more than eight hours on your feet daily is no joke. At work, they expect you to move around, attend meetings, serve food, bring guests to their hotel rooms, and guide kids to theme park rides. The constant movement and weight your feet carry require support, which a pair of slip-resistant shoes can provide. 

Confirm if there are cushioning and innersoles in the option you're considering. These things are essential because they help the non-slip shoes absorb impact so your feet are safe from fatigue. Can you imagine the strain and burden of constantly having painful feet?

Avoid this by wearing slip-resistant shoes, ensuring extended periods on your feet will not affect your performance. You can start and end each workday at the top of your game. 

If you need more cushioning than your footwear, consider getting gel cushions and innersoles from Everflex.


Tip 5—Choose Everflex.


Our guide would not be complete without pointing you in the right direction. Only one brand can provide you with the best slip-resistant shoes. All the features we enumerated are present in each option in the Everflex collection. Students, employees, and on-the-go individuals would love how the brand makes it easy to shop for slip-resistant footwear. 

If going to the store is challenging because of your busy schedule, shop from the brand's online store, where you can browse the entire collection anytime. 

Once you've decided on which slip-resistant work shoes to get, pay for them and expect your order to arrive at your doorstep within days. The affordable price range of the Everflex non-slip shoes, coupled with the brand's flexible payment systems, enable everyone to protect themselves without costing an arm and a leg. The flexible payment systems allow you to purchase now and pay in instalments later!

Even compared to more costly brands such as Skechers and Shoes for Crews, our brand's slip resistance and durability remain our proudest achievements. Additionally, our design will enhance your self-confidence while you perform.


Tip 6—Replace the footwear regularly.


While Everflex non-slip shoes are durable and can withstand wear and tear, constant use will reduce the effectiveness of the grooves in providing traction. Replace them immediately when the treads have become shallow or smooth. Return to Everflex for non-slip shoes you can count on when things get wet and slippery.


Find All You Need at Everflex!


Follow our guide and get your non-slip shoes at Everflex. Head to the nearest retailer or online store to grab one now!