Your Guide To Purchasing School Shoes Online!

Purchasing school shoes online is so simple and easy with Everflex! Our easy-to-navigate website and fast delivery are sure to keep you happy in 2021.


Our vast collection of sizes and styles has everything your child could need!


Everflex’s size range runs from toddler sizes to school shoes that will fit fully-grown adults, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding something that fits. With secure touch-fastening styles for little students and adjustable lace-up styles for preteens and young adults, getting an age-appropriate pair for your children won’t be a struggle!


There’s no need to be nervous about selecting sizes when you shop for school shoes online either! Not only do we have a helpful size guide there on the website to help you make your selection, but Everflex’s awesome online team also makes it easy to organise an exchange if you do get the size wrong! Let us take the stress out of buying school shoes this season! Alright, now how about we go over some classic styles?


 You’ll see dozens of traditional school shoes in the Everflex collection. Most of these are unisex designs, which means if you find a favourite look, you can easily buy the same set for your son and daughter. Of course, there are also alternative school shoes that are particularly popular with girls and boys.


Our little pull-on boots, for instance, are a favourite pick for boys. These have the same glossy black finish as regular school shoes but have the feel of formalwear. Girls of all ages enjoy our mary janes, with their trendy cut-outs, buckled or touch-fastening top straps, and summertime vibe.


 And who could forget about our sneakers and sporty school shoes? Every child needs a reliable set of trainers for their PE classes, afternoon activities, and club sports! Everflex can also provide you with all the black school shoes and brown school shoes you’ll need for your children in 2021, and at an affordable price!


What type of material should you be looking out for on school shoes?


This is a somewhat endless debate, and both sides make excellent points, so we’ll leave the final decision to your discretion. Still, we can explain the strengths and weaknesses of different types of school shoes.


 Leather styles are the most malleable and have excellent air circulation, which means they’re fantastic for children with sensitive or sweaty feet. But, since black leather boys school shoes have a somewhat soft finish, they can get marked or scratched more easily than other fabrics. Synthetic designs are more robust than leather, don’t get scuffed easily, and have excellent water resistance.


If your kids are rough on their school shoes, then you’ll appreciate how durable and easy to clean our synthetic pairs are. Plus, these are also vegan-friendly designs, which is a point in their favour for environmentally-conscious consumers. However, synthetic pairs do take a bit more breaking-in than leather pairs.


If you have a quick browse of Spendless’ online collection, you’ll notice that we carefully label the material on our school shoes. Leather styles get a special banner to help customers identify them, and you can always see the material type in the product descriptions. These are handy features for parents who want to shop for a particular style of school shoes. Anyone looking for leather or vegan-friendly styles will be able to navigate the Spendless range efficiently!


Are there any accessories or add-ons that you should know about?


We’re so glad you asked! Everflex has an excellent selection of accessories that you can order with your school shoes, and there are more reasons to buy these add-ons than to ignore them, for sure!

For starters, adding one or two of our handy accessories to your next order could earn you free shipping! Our school shoes are low-cost, so one or two pairs isn’t always enough to get you over the $50 threshold for free delivery. 


Do you hate spending extra on delivery? Add some accessories into your shopping cart alongside your kids’ school shoes, and you shouldn’t have to pay a cent for postage!


Now, let’s go over some of your options this year, shall we? Everflex’s Instant Shine Sponge is always a hit with parents. This handy sponge can clean school shoes and every other type of footwear. After all, Instant Shine works dry (no need for polish) and is suitable for any fabric or finish with the right amount of care. When your children come home with dirty school shoes, all it will take to clean them off again are a few quick scrubs of your Instant Shine sponge. Too easy!


For children who need extra support or padding for their feet, we have fabric, foam, and gel inserts. You have the option of half-sized or full-sized innersoles for your children, and they’ll ensure that your children enjoy uninterrupted comfort from their new school shoes. 


Finally, we also have spare packets of shoelaces and value packs of kids’ socks. For the record, crew socks are the go-to for 2021! Next time you shop for school shoes at Everflex, remember to sneak a peek at our accessories before you go ahead and submit your order!


Did you know that Everflex has different payment options available for lace up school shoe?

It’s true! And we figured that this was as good a point as any to finish our handy article with today. We’re well aware that parents have so many things to juggle during the week and that most implement some type of shopping budget to keep the family expenses on track.


But what do you do when your children suddenly outgrow their girls school shoes and need a new extra wide pair of lace black pronto? What about when you need to buy other items (workbooks, calculators, pens and pencils, etc.) for your child, and then have to add footwear onto the list too?


Everflex has an easy solution for you: use Afterpay or Zip! Order using one of these accounts, and you can order your kids shoes and dress shoes, casual shoes and anything in between, for that matter — without paying the entire amount at once. Instead, you’ll get to split the cost up into smaller repayments over the following weeks. It’s a straightforward and easy-to-manage strategy for parents to use!


So, now that you’ve reached the end of this helpful article, head over to Everflex’s online store, and check out mens new arrivals , womens new arrivals, and kids new arrivals and order new school shoes through Zip or Afterpay! Don't forget to browse our online exclusives as well!