Your Guide To Purchasing School Shoes

Start your search for school shoes the right way!

Are you new to the world of uniform requirements? Everflex has four tips to help you get on track:

1. Be careful while assessing the fit

Have your child try their school shoes on with their uniform socks, so you can be sure that there is enough room. Once their feet are inside comfortably, have your little student stand up, and then check the fit by pressing down on the top. There should be about one centimetre (use your thumb as a reference) between the tip of your child’s toes and the end of their school shoes.

Once you’re satisfied with the length, have your child walk around and test the fit. If you can see the back of their school shoes slipping, you will need a smaller size. Finally, make sure you ask your kid how their foot is feeling. They should feel and tight or loose spots in their school shoes, especially while they walk around. If there is an issue, you may be able to correct it by altering the buckles, tabs, or laces. 

2. Keep the fastenings in mind

Depending on the age of the student you are shopping for, the fasteners of your child’s school shoes may be stock-standard but nonetheless are extremely important. Primarily, you want to make sure that your child is confident and comfortable with the sort of ties, tabs, or buckles featured on their school shoes. So, what do you need to know?

At Everflex, our youngest customers are offered school shoes with touch-fastening tabs. These are simple for little kids to master and do-up independently, which is a bonus if your child is shy and wouldn’t ask their teacher for help. Untied laces are the leading cause of slips and trips for little kids, so having school shoes that remove the risk are excellent.

Buckled styles are limited to our Mary-Jane school shoes. These sandals, like the touch-fastening styles, are a prime pick for children, particularly in the summertime. And, as before, young kids will find it easy to adjust the tightness of these school shoes.

Finally, Everflex also has lace-up styles. The rounded toes, glossy sheen, padded soles, and laced uppers create classic-looking school shoes. These are timeless favourites, and you’ll find that this sort makes up the majority of our available range.

Alter the fit as you like 

Maybe you bought too-big school shoes hoping that your child could grow into them, but now the extra room is causing trips or blisters. Whatever the reason, if you want to fix the fit of oversized school shoes without returning or exchanging them, then Everflex has the ideal add-ins to solve the problem!

Our inserts and innersoles can fill the extra space, and also offer comfort and support at the same time. Each of these products can be cut down to size if necessary, and all you have to do is slip them inside your child’s school shoes. The full-sized gel innersoles are our top pick, as kids love their super-squishy feel underfoot. However, for smaller corrections, you could try our gel heel or foam grips as well.

4. Remember to look at sneakers

If you’re new to shopping for school shoes, then these can be forgotten. However, if your little one has PE classes, sports practice after hours, or other outdoor activities, then sneakers should be on your list. At Everflex, our sneakers and trainers are a fantastic fit for active kids. Each of our designs is suitable for high-energy and high-intensity wear. Also, the expertly-crafted tread at the base of these school shoes will let your kids stop, swivel, change directions, run, jump, and move as they please.

Good luck!