Why You Should Invest In Quality School Shoes!

Why is it important to get high-quality school shoes?

If you’re looking ahead to the next round of uniform shopping in 2020, then this is probably a question that you’ve asked yourself before. At Everflex, we recognize the importance of a durable set of school shoes. Once the semester starts, students spend the majority of their week wearing these styles, so they need to be decent ones. Mind you, investing in high-quality school shoes doesn’t mean that you need to break the bank! At Everflex, we’re all about bringing the best styles at the lowest prices. So, before you start shopping for your student this season, we’ve got some things to tell you!

What should you know about comfort and support?

Without proper support from school shoes, the hours and weeks of discomfort spent wearing them could manifest as foot problems down the line. Younger students (whose feet are still developing) and older students (who have more demanding days) need the best fit and support. At Everflex, our school shoes come with built-in support features and in styles relevant to their stage of life. Our smaller styles come without arch assistance, as this has no benefit to younger kids lacking that bone structure in their feet. Alternatively, older students who wear our school shoes get to enjoy the arch-supporting shape of our designs. These distinctions may seem minor, but they make a world of difference for kids’ cosiness.

Did you know you can add more support to school shoes?

There’s no substitution for orthotics if your kids get them prescribed. However, Everflex can halt everyday pains and achy feet using innersoles. Slip our fabric or gel innersoles into your child’s school shoes and watch the magic happen. Inserts like these create a buffer between sensitive feet and impact caused by walking, running, jumping, and general movement. If your kids get blisters, tender muscles, and other irritations after action-packed days in their school shoes, then treat your children to these foot care accessories.

The material plays a crucial role in durability

Do you want to get school shoes that can go the distance next year? There’s nothing more frustrating than a pair that wears out before your child can grow out of them. With each growth spurt, you can already anticipate needing to buy a new set of school shoes, so watching a style break down before then is costly and endlessly annoying. At Everflex, we’ve paid careful attention to the materials so that your new pair lasts longer.

Shop at Everflex, and you’ll notice that our school shoes either lather or synthetic (vegan-friendly). Leather has superior flexibility, which works wonders for comfort, but synthetic designs are harder to scuff and far easier to clean. To treat customers to the most benefits, we have multiple school shoes that include both leather and synthetic materials. And, whether you have a preference to one fabric type or another, Everflex styles bring durability to the forefront. As proof, we offer a 100 Day Guarantee from the day you purchase your pair, so you can exchange your school shoes for new ones if they don’t last.

Our flexible buying options makes getting school shoes more straightforward

Is a strict shopping budget holding you back from buying? Everflex has some valuable information for you in terms of prices and purchasing methods. Our school shoes are incredibly cheap despite their excellent quality. Further, since we offer Zip and Afterpay as a means of purchase, you can split the cost of your shop over a series of instalments. Even if you’re strapped for cash and waiting for payday, you can get your kids their new Everflex school shoes!