Why You Should Consider Everflex School Shoes For Your Children This Year!

Come shop for kids’ school shoes at Everflex!

Our collection has styles ideal for students of all ages. If kids’ school shoes are on your shopping list, then there are plenty of reasons to choose ones from Everflex.  

We have sizes for younger and older students

Everflex has a diverse spread of sizes that span from toddler to preteens. This diversity isn’t just for the overall collection; individual styles can work for students in different year levels. If you shop at Everflex, you will find updating your kids’ school shoes to a new size is simple and straightforward. As students get older or grow, you’ll also find that the range of kids’ school shoes merges straight into the adult size ranges, so you can jump straight into the new collection and browse options. 

Our prices are incredibly affordable

If your family is shopping on a budget, then Everflex is the perfect place to go for kids’ school shoes. Not only do our styles start at a low price point, but we also run promotions and deals regularly. 

Everflex also offers our customers the chance to pay for their kids’ school shoes using Afterpay and Zip. These are both fantastic payment options for parents buying shoes for more than one child. If you need kids’ school shoes fast but need more time to pay for them, then this is also beneficial. With Afterpay and Zip, you buy and receive your items as usual, and split the cost over a few weeks. How great is that? 

Our range includes more than just lace-ups

If you’re looking for something classic, then our glossy black lace-up styles will fit the bill every time. However, we have some other options for your children. 

Sandals and Mary-Jane styles are enduring Everflex favourites during the warmer months because they are airy and breathable. Your kids’ school shoes might get smelly because of sweat, but there’s also the risk of sores, blisters, and other skin irritations for younger students. Switching out a fully-enclosed style for a partially-enclosed one during spring or summer can remedy this. Plus, since the toes are still covered, these kids’ school shoes will still be allowed on the playground. 

We also offer a few excellent sports styles! 

These sneakers and trainers are the go-to for any PE class, extracurricular activity, or sports game. The all-black and all-white designs look great with any uniform, and will always be welcome kids’ school shoes.  With their sport-ready treads and durable designs, any of these active styles would be the perfect pair for your children! 

We make kids’ school shoes comfortable 

Comfort is critical to a pair of kids’ school shoes. We’ve packed each of our styles with unique features, including padded soles, flexible material, adjustable fastenings, and more. But when it comes to safeguarding comfort in and out of the classroom, Everflex takes things a step further. Our collection of foot care accessories will make sure that students always feel their best in our kids’ school shoes. 

If your child is slipping inside an oversized set of kids’ school shoes, then our gel and heel grips are a quick fix. These will prop up the back of your child’s foot and help correct any irregularities. Plus, they should stop nasty blisters from forming too. 

Innersoles are even more useful. If your child needs an extra layer of padding and support in their kids’ school shoes, then slide in our innersoles! The soft and squishy layer will cushion feet and waylay pressure placed on feet. However, while these are excellent accessories for kids’ school shoes, ongoing foot issues should be treated with professional orthotics. 

So, will you be selecting something from our shelves?

When you shop at Everflex, you can always feel sure about your kids’ school shoes!