Why Choose Spendless This School Year!

Treat your children to the very best kids’ school shoes when you shop for Everflex!

Our amazing styles are available in-store exclusively at Spendless Shoes. Today, we’re here to bring you an in-depth look at the benefits and features of our kids’ school shoes! Now, keep reading to find out all of the details:

Everflex always brings affordable prices

The cost of kids’ school shoes stacks up over the years. You constantly need to replace styles that your little students outgrow, and you have no way of knowing how many pairs that will be in a year. At Everflex, we aim to bring high-quality kids’ school shoes at competitive prices, so that every student can learn and grow in the best possible pair! We know how tough the back-to-school season can be on the average family, which is why we’re committed to helping customers save!

Our durable designs that can go the distance 

Kids’ school shoes need constant replacing because children barely stop growing. As such, it’s incredibly disheartening when a pair gets torn up, ripped, or scuffed beyond repair before their time. Rough treatment during recess and lunch is usually blamed, but what do you expect? We know that kids’ school shoes are going to be put through the works by students of all ages, which is why we build them tough!

Styles made from leather or synthetic materials (or both) bring flexibility, endurance, and comfort to the forefront. If you’re in desperate need of kids’ school shoes that can keep up with your wild child, then it’s time that you started shopping with us!

Our range of kids’ school shoes has everything that you could want!

Traditional formal footwear is our forte, of course. No student will ever look out of place in the classroom with a pair of kids’ school shoes like ours on their feet! The rounded toes, grooved bottom tread, and shiny black surface create the classic student look.

However, Everflex doesn’t stop there! We have kids’ trainers and sneakers that can hold their own in PE classes and sports games! These aerodynamic designs come in all-white and all-black finishes. The panelled detailing across the surface looks cool, but it’s the high-performance tread that makes these kids’ school shoes such winners!

Lastly, there are sandals and Mary-Jane styles. These are typically for at younger students, and make the best impact during spring and summer. If your children hate having hot feet, then they’ll love the extra breathability of kids’ school shoes.

You can study and work at the same time!

Our slip-resistant kids’ school shoes are also a must-have for any teens entering the workforce. Most young adults start casual work in the fast-food industry, hospitality jobs, and retail. In each of these professions, you can usually expect a uniform and strict rules over proper footwear! Instead of buying a new pair for work, teens can repurpose our kids’ school shoes!

These come with oil, water, and slip-resistant soles, padded innersoles for all-day comfort, and heel impact cushioning for support. These look so similar to our regular kids’ school shoes that you can barely tell the difference! So, instead of lugging a pair around (and risk leaving them at home accidentally), teens can go straight from the classroom to the workplace. Plus, they’ll get to enjoy all those great benefits from their kids’ school shoes!

How could you say no to that? 

If you’re too far away to shop at a Spendless store, then you’ll love shopping online with Everflex. You can get the details on all our kids’ school shoes at the click of a button, and sort through styles at your leisure!