Why A School Uniform Is So Important!

For kids who don’t like their uniforms, having to wear the same school shoes and clothing five days a week from preschool to Year 12 can be a massive struggle. A lot of students don’t see the point of clothing regulations either and think they’re only in place so that teachers can be unfair. However, putting strict rules in place about how students can present themselves, their school shoes, and their uniform, can impart valuable lessons for life inside and outside of the classroom. If you don’t believe us now, then see how you feel when you’ve finished reading this article. 

Why do school shoes need to be maintained? 

1. Kids will get penalised 

This first reason is as straightforward as can be. If your kids break the rules and don't stick to the dress codes, then they're going to get into trouble. Unfortunately, the consequences of consistently sloppy school shoes and uniforms can be far-reaching. What starts as lunchtime detention or a note home can quickly escalate to not being allowed on excursions or something similar. You don’t want dirty school shoes to be the reason that your child gets singled out, especially when cleaning them is so easy.

At Everflex, our prime cleaning accessory for school shoes is our Instant Shine sponge. Our sponge works dry, and all you need to do is scrub the material. Your child’s school shoes will look fresh and ready to go in no time at all. They’re an easy add-on for your shopping cart, at least!

2. Some teachers make judgements based off of uniforms

The student who walks into class with polished school shoes is going to make a far better impression than the kid with scuffed ones. No one wants their first impression from a new teacher to get ruined by their less-than-satisfactory uniform. If a student's appearance is symbolic of their work ethic, then this is crucial. So, help your child be memorable for their clean school shoes. 

3. Learning to maintain your appearance is essential for a work environment

Now, we’re not implying that school shoes are the foundation of personal grooming. But, most kids have their first brush with presentation expectations in the classroom, and these only get more intense once they’re old enough to start work. Dirty school shoes and a crinkled uniform might earn you a lecture from a teacher, but your boss might send you home or cuts your shifts if you turn up to work looking unkempt. 

4. Another thing that uniforms can teach people is how to keep track of their things

Losing a pencil in class is one thing, but if you’re losing track of your hats, school shoes, or even pants during the week, the cost adds up. Keeping track of your school shoes and other clothing items forms organisation and preparation skills. Many teenagers take on manual work as their first or second job, and those sorts of environments need safe footwear. If you never learn how to manage your school shoes, then you risk becoming the sort of person who misplaces their sole work pair. In this example, you’d not only lose a day’s worth of pay, but you could also sabotage your reputation with your boss or manager. Learning how to strategically place or organise your school shoes is a simple first step to self-management. 

Do you believe us now? 

Uniforms and school shoes can seem unimportant to the kids who have to wear them every day, but they’re a subtle and effective teaching tool nonetheless. Be sure you take care of your Everflex school shoes this season or come and get a fresh pair!