Why A Non-Slip Sole Is So Important!

Are you searching for the ultimate non-slip shoes? Everflex's impressive style will blow you away! We're well-known for our excellent school styles, but our exceptional non-slip shoes aren't something to scoff at either! These slip-resistant pairs are a must-have for teenagers ready for their first jobs. We'll walk you through everything you need to know about them right now!


Why are non-slip shoes essential for work?


We can answer this question right away! Everflex's non-slip shoes are the go-to for work because of their excellent safety and comfort features. Teenagers who work at a retail store, cinema, fast food restaurant, café, or other hospitality areas will greatly benefit from these durable designs. 


The slip-resistant soles are self-explanatory; they come with specially-designed grooves on the soles for the ultimate grip and stability on slick surfaces. Non-slip shoes also come with oil and water-resistant material, which means they won't get ruined by food-related messes. For teens who work around food and drinks, these are essential features for their footwear. Finally, we've also created our non-slip shoes with the longest-lasting comfort in mind. 


During a busy work shift, it's essential to have footwear to reduce the strain and tension in your feet and legs. Non-slip shoes feature flexible and padded innersoles to cushion your feet and keep them from getting achy. The built-in arch support and heel impact cushioning also do wonders. With non-slip shoes on your child's feet, they'll feel ready and confident for whatever their next shift brings! 


Non-slip shoes are money-savers too! 


Picking non-slip shoes out for your teenager can also help you save on school styles this season! Our traditional lace-up styles look precisely like traditional uniform footwear. You could put our non-slip shoes side-by-side with a typical school pair and probably not be able to tell the difference between them. 


By that measure, your child's strictest teacher won't find fault with their slip-resistant footwear when they put them on with their uniform. The beauty of passing non-slip shoes off as school styles is that your child can double up on uses for their pair. Instead of buying them separate sets for work and study, they'll be able to use their trusty pair in both settings. It's an easy way for parents to avoid spending extra on non-slip shoes for their son or daughter's new job. 


Plus, having a multi-purpose style will be handy for students as well. When they have to go straight from their final afternoon class to a shift at work, the transition will be easier if they don't have to pack extra footwear.


 Lugging around spare non-slip shoes in their school bag will be a pain and potentially stink up their bag with foot odour too. But, if they can use their uniform pair as a work style, then all they'll need to do is pack in their work clothes! 


Non-slip shoes are crucial for school too!


We've put a lot of focus on the things about slip-resistant styles that make them ideal for the workplace. But, remember that if you follow our recommendation and get your kids to use their work pair at school too, then we should tell you why non-slip shoes are suitable for a student's lifestyle too! We could remind you that our excellent work styles are identical to regular school wear and that they'll look right at home in a classroom, but that might be superfluous at this point. 


So, let's talk a bit about non-slip shoes' features and how they deliver ease of wear to students. The built-in arch support and comfort features are ideal for long days in the classroom. With a full day of classes and extra activities in the morning or afternoon, students need to be able to count on reliable comfort, and that's what non-slip shoes deliver. Non-slip shoes get designed to maintain their grip on wet and slippery surfaces in work settings, but that excellent tread will also benefit kids during the colder months!


 After all, they'll be ideal during wet and wild weather conditions, and all school styles need to be trans-seasonal. Unlike uniforms, which tend to change from summer to winter, kids will have one set of footwear to rely on throughout the year. Luckily, non-slip shoes are up to the challenge! A bit of mud or rain won't phase these durable styles, and you'll be able to clean them off so easily. 


Remember, our slip-resistant styles aren't the only non-slip shoes!


Yes, our work-ready designs have earned the honour of a whole category to themselves, but our conventional range gets outfitted with excellent tread too. Anyone who's bought Everflex's school styles for their children before could tell you that they come with excellent grip. We appreciate that students need the best support and traction from their uniform styles, which is why their bases are so similar to our non-slip shoes. 


When you look at our styles online, you'll be able to see the grooved soles from images of their side profiles, so you can check for yourself if you don't believe us! Our sneakers and trainers also get designed to be non-slip shoes. Sportswear must provide a stable and secure footing in whatever activity they're being used for by your kids.


 Sneakers are the non-slip shoes of choice in physically demanding activities like sprinting, running, and fast-paced sports. However, they also get used to climbing and hiking, ensuring footing is an essential safeguard against accidents and injuries. 


Even for PE classes and club sports at school, your kids will need non-slip shoes like trainers to ensure they perform at their best. You also don't want your kids getting worried about tripping or slipping on the flooring of indoor sports courts when they should stay focused on the game (and having fun)! 


Will you be grabbing non-slip shoes for your teens this year?


Come on over to Everflex's online store, and we'll have you sorted soon enough! Our non-slip shoes are ready and waiting for you— they're only a click away from your shopping cart!