Which School Shoe Is Best For Active Boys?

Which boys’ school shoes are the best? Let Everflex shed some light on the situation! We know that kids can be rough on all their footwear, and since they wear boys’ school shoes five days a week, getting a pair that can take any treatment is crucial! Our traditional classroom styles get designed for long-lasting durability. Our tough sneakers can keep up with weekly sports, PE lessons, and roughhousing during recess and lunch too! So, if your children need the ultimate boys’ school shoes, then Everflex is the place to shop. 


Are you shopping for a traditional pair? 

Boys’ school shoes from our collection come in leather and synthetic material. If your children have a bad habit of scuffing or wearing out their pairs, then we recommend a synthetic set. While leather boys’ school shoes have excellent breathability, they are also more susceptible to water damage than artificial designs. Synthetic pairs are more difficult to mark, easier to clean up, so you can see why these are our preference! Here at Everflex, you can shop for your preferred material easily. Images of leather boys’ school shoes are marked with a banner, so you can always tell which type you are looking at. Otherwise, you can also check the product description once you’ve selected a certain style. 


Have your child try our trainer-style footwear!

Is your child’s dress code reasonably lenient? While most uniform regulations demand that boys’ school shoes come in traditional designs, there are also those that allow more casual designs. If your child can wear activewear in the classroom with his regular uniform, then Everflex’s trendy all-black trainers would be the perfect match! These flat-soled boys’ school shoes combine the flexibility and play-ready look of sneakers with the high-shine finish and sleek shape of standard pairs. Not only will they feel and look great while your children study, but they’re also the type of pair that kids could wear on the weekends too! With boys’ school shoes like these, your child can go, and go, and go! 


Slip-resistant footwear is best for teenagers and young adults!

All of Everflex’s boys’ school shoes come with built-in support features. But, when it comes to truly durable designs, our slip-resistant range is impossible to beat! These excellent boys’ school shoes come with non-marking material, cushioning innersoles with arch support, and non-slip grooved grip on the soles. These hard-wearing styles can double as safety styles at your child’s workplace because they are perfect for fast food and retail workers. So, when you grab slip-resistant boys’ school shoes, you are getting two-for-one!


Keep sore feet at bay with our innersoles and other care accessories!

Does your child come home with sore feet, not because their boys’ school shoes are bad, but because they never slow down? Everflex has got a special solution in mind for your non-stop son: innersoles! While our fantastic boys’ school shoes guarantee hours and hours of reliable comfort, it’s always good to have extra support from innersoles. These handy inserts slip straight inside our styles and act as a cushion for your kids’ feet. You won’t hear your son complaining about sore feet when his boys’ school shoes have plushy innersoles inside! One size fits all with these accessories, and you can cut them down to suit your child in seconds. Otherwise, you can try some of our half-sized inserts in your child’s pair instead! 


Are you ready to give your child boys’ school shoes with the best fit and feel?

Well, it’s time to stop and shop at Everflex! Our affordable prices, a huge array of sizes, and trendy designs will never leave you disappointed. Why wait? Come find the best boys’ school shoes!