Whether She's a Junior or a Senior… We've Got Girls' School Shoes Covered!

The girls' school shoes at Everflex are suitable for all ages, even juniors and seniors. It's that time of year again when parents and guardians scramble to prepare for the coming of the new academic year. 

As your daughter enters her junior and senior years, you may be concerned about the appropriate style of school shoes for her age. They are more independent and choosier regarding the footwear they wear.

Fret not, dear parents and guardians, because the school shoes from Everflex cover everyone! Their educational experience will remain top-notch because of the support and comfort of our footwear! 

Their various styles and fastenings make our school shoes popular. And since the longevity of the footwear depends on the proper care you provide, we'll provide you with tips. 

Our team at Everflex will give you a crash course on everything about school shoes, which we have divided into the available fastenings. Read on to learn more! 



Fastenings keep the girls' shoes in place, keeping your child safe throughout the day. We usually explain that the kind of fastening will depend on their skills. However, since your child is already a junior or senior, we assume she can tie laces and close touch-fastening straps and buckles.

There are three available fastenings at Everflex: touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces. We will discuss the different girls' shoes that employ them.


Fastening 1–Laces

Laces are the first fastening we will discuss! They are long, thin strings to tie the girls' shoes.

The only fastening independent of the footwear, laces move through the eyelets found on shoes, enabling uniform tension throughout the entire foot by minimising pressure points and boosting blood flow below the ankle. You can easily clean and replace them by removing them from the eyelets. 

Keeping the shoes for a longer period of time necessitates the upkeep of the entire footwear, including the laces. Then, you can hand wash them or add them to your washing machine load. 

The lazy way is to replace them; there's nothing wrong with that. However, if you need an extra pair of laces for the shoes, get them from Everflex! Updating your laces will do wonders for your footwear, especially how it looks! 



The lace-up shoes allow the juniors and seniors to tighten or loosen the fit. By doing so, they have control over their comfort level. 

Be careful with the length of the laces on the shoes, as your child might trip over their footwear while rushing from one class to another.


Fastening 2–Touch-Fastening Straps 

Let's head to the second fastening available for shoes, the touch-fastening straps. These straps have two nylon fabric strips, one with tiny, hooked threads and the other with a rough surface. 

Your child can fasten these strips with one hand by pressing them and securing the shoes. However, they would need force to pull the two strips apart, creating a ripping sound as they parted.

Some drawbacks to touch-fastening straps:

  • Straps frequently pick up lint, dirt, or other stray particles that can reduce their effectiveness. However, you can use household items like duct tape and tweezers to clean them.
  • The straps attach to materials and can damage them.
  • The noise they make when pulling the touch-fastening straps apart.
  • You must replace the shoes once the adhesion of the straps runs out, usually after opening and closing around 8000 times. This is because the touch-fastening straps are part of the footwear, and the shoes won't lock once they wear out.


Double Straps

One of the styles that utilise touch-fastening straps is the double strap. Your child can adjust the fit of these shoes as needed.

Moreover, this style has supportive and durable soles that provide traction and stability as your junior and senior students hop from one activity to another.


Mary Janes

Mary Janes is one of, if not the most famous shoes we have. They have been a uniform staple since they first came out, serving young ladies for years! 

Your busy junior or senior student will appreciate the open-top design of these shoes as it allows breathability, where sweat escapes. Another feature to note is the single touch-fastening strap that holds the footwear. 

The glossy finish, round-toe design, and flexible but sturdy sole of these Everflex shoes are a popular choice!


Fastening 3–Buckles

Buckles are the third type of fastening for shoes. They secure two loose ends by holding one by an attachment and the other by a catch in a secure but movable manner. 

School shoes for girls typically use a strap with holes that buckles latch on for tightness. By selecting which spot to hook the clasp, the child can change how loose or tight they want their footwear.



T-Bars are timeless shoes with two or more straps forming one or more T shapes. The adjustable buckle locks the footwear firmly in place.

This footwear is famous for children with higher insteps because they provide several benefits to your child: 

  • Flattering to the feet
  • Easy to wear
  • Gives incredible support
  • Cushioning that has optimum support and comfort for the ankle area



Consider vegan-friendly shoes as an alternative to leather because the production of this material does not use animals. Moreover, purchasing a pair from our range of vegan-friendly footwear will benefit the environment and its inhabitants. Among the many benefits of vegan-friendly kids' school shoes is that they do not pollute or leave a significant carbon footprint.


Make Their Junior or Senior Year an Excellent One! With Great kids school shoes

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