Where to Go to Get Your Child’s Feet Professionally Fitted!


Have you had trouble getting your child fitted properly for school shoes? Take the time to get it right with Everflex! Students spend most of the year wearing school shoes, and that means that they deserve the best comfort and support from their chosen pair. Oversized and undersized footwear create a whole range of problems, from aches and pains at the end of the day to more severe and insidious issues over time. If there’s one pair that has to perfect from the get-go, it’s your child’s school shoes. Today, Everflex is here to teach you how to check the fit of footwear and tell you where to get help if you need it. Let’s begin! 


Getting school shoes in the right size can be tough


Keeping up with growing kids is tough work for parents. It’s impossible to tell when your child will need a new pair of school shoes. Grow spurts are nothing if not unpredictable, and they can hit at any point during the term. Your little one can move up two sizes (or more) in a relatively short space of time, and figuring out how big their next school shoes need to be isn’t always a straightforward process. Luckily, Everflex can help remove some of the guesswork.


If you shop with us online, you can make use of our handy size guide. If you know your child’s size in a particular metric (like US or UK measurements), then you can use our chart to find the ideal school shoes. We also offer explanations about our size system, like how students can move straight into the adult range if they outgrow the kids’ collection. You should have all the information that you need to start browsing for school shoes.


Who says you can’t do it from the comfort of your own home? 


With our handy fitting tips here to help you out, you should be able to judge the sizing of your child’s latest school shoes with ease. Just follow these simple steps:


  1. Get your child to put their school shoes on with their proper uniform socks. 

  2. Do up the fastenings (buckles, touch-fastening tabs, laces, etc.) until the style feels secure.

  3. Have your child stand up, wiggle their toes, and move around.

  4. Ask them if the school shoes feel too loose or too tight.

  5. Get them to walk around and make sure the style isn’t slipping at the back.

  6. Press down on the toe of the school shoes and see if there’s enough of a gap (the ideal between their longest toe and the end of the style is roughly a centimetre)


We can arrange a refund or exchange for you if there are sizing issues, or you can utilize some of our handy accessories. Tight school shoes will lead to sore feet at best, so make sure that you don’t send your child into the classroom with anything too small. 


You can take a different approach with oversized styles, however. Many parents opt to get big school shoes so that they can save money and avoid buying multiple pairs while their kids are growing. Fill the space with innersoles in the meantime, and your kids won’t trip over or get blisters from their school shoes. 


Go in-store if you’re still unsure!


Spendless Shoes is Everflex’s exclusive in-store stockist. If you want a professional to fit your child with Everflex school shoes, then you can trust the Spendless team to take care of everything. 


We hope you found this helpful! 


You can get more tips about school shoes from our other articles. Goodbye and good luck!