Where Can I Buy Affordable School Shoes For My Child?

Do you need affordable kids’ school shoes as soon as possible?

Everflex is here to help! We have a fantastic range of styles which won’t break the bank. Whether you’re shopping for a single child or a dozen, our flexible payment options and low price points are sure to help you save! Get your little students the best and most reasonably priced kids’ school shoes around. 

Why do we think it’s so important to save on kids’ school shoes? 

Well, for one thing, we understand our customers' frustrations with expensive styles. When you’re already spending so much on stationery, technology, textbooks, and uniform items, the last thing you might feel like spending your money on is kids' school shoes. Not to mention, you’ll spend the entirety of your child’s classroom years replacing kids’ school shoes that get grown out of or worn down. After a while, you start losing patience. Lucky for you, Everflex has a host of fantastic long-lasting styles that any family can afford. 

So, what does Everflex do to help? 

Firstly, we aim to keep prices low

Everflex has kids’ school shoes starting from as low as $29.99, and that’s even before sales prices! You can expect to save even more when our frequent sales and promotions roll around, so it’s easy to save on styles! 

Next, Everflex also offers flexible payment options for our online shoppers

If you want to buy our kids' school shoes now and wait to pay later, then Zip and Afterpay are going to be instant favourites! 

Afterpay: what do you need to know? 

This excellent payment option splits the cost of your order up into a series of manageable instalments. Instead of fronting the full amount all at once when you purchase your kids’ school shoes, Afterpay allows you to pay it back in four equal instalments. If you’re waiting on payday or have a dozen other things to take care of, but need to get kids’ school shoes immediately, then Afterpay will be a dream come true. We treat these orders just like a regular online one, so our team will send out your kids’ school shoes as usual while you take your time with Afterpay. And, as long as you keep up with all of your scheduled payments, there is no interest or extra fees to use Afterpay!

Zip: how does it compare?

Like Afterpay, Zip lets you buy kids’ school shoes now and worry about paying later. Instead of setting days for your repayments, Zip allows you to pay back the amount whenever you like. There are no extra costs or interest if you use Zip to buy kids’ school shoes. You won’t have to pay the $6 monthly fee if your balance is cleared by the end of the month either! Once again, we’ll send your kids’ school shoes home when your order is placed, and you can take your sweet time to pay them off. 

In the end, it’s all a matter of preference!

Afterpay and Zip may be slightly different, but they’re both convenient for buying kids’ school shoes easily accessible, helpful and great to use. For a closer look at either of these services, feel free to visit the Everflex website and look at their information pages. You’ll find everything you want to know about kids’ school shoes in no time! 

Be sure on any floor with Everflex!

If your student needs a fresh set of kids’ school shoes, then we can provide you with the perfect pair! Plus, how could you say no to such fantastic prices and payment plans? Browse the full collection today when you shop online, and take home a set of kids’ school shoes that are comfy, reliable, durable, and look great!