When Should I Buy My Child School Shoes?

When is the ideal time to buy kids’ school shoes? We’re so glad that you asked!

Have you checked the fit recently? 


If your child hasn’t had a new set of kids’ school shoes in a while, or they start complaining about sore feet, then it might be time for a fresh pair! You’ll want to check the fit semi-regularly with younger children, as they’re less likely to realise they’re outgrowing their footwear until much later, whereas older students are sure to notice. To test the fit of your kids’ school shoes, get them to put their pair on (socks included) and stand up.

Press down on the top and feel for their longest toe. If you can feel or see that your child’s toes are pressing against the end of their kids’ school shoes, then it’s time for a bigger pair! There should be at least a centimetre of space at the end, or else their toes will get squashed, and they’ll start getting sore feet and blisters. 


Update your kids’ school shoes at the same time!


When your child outgrows the pair they wear to class, remember that they’ll likely need new sportswear as well. It’s easy to forget to update sneakers and other active kids’ school shoes, but considering the kinds of fast-paced and physically demanding activities they support, having the trainers in the right size is imperative. Perform the same fit test on your child’s sneakers and see if they need a fresh set of those too! 


My kids’ school shoes are looking tired. Should I get new ones? 


Is the material on your child’s footwear dirty, scuffed, or scratched? You can clean up kids’ school shoes with care accessories like our Instant Shine Sponge or Dubbin. Using accessories like these regularly will allow you to maintain the quality and look of the material. However, if your kids’ school shoes are starting to tear or rip, then you should start searching for a replacement. 


Buy kids’ school shoes during our awesome sales! 


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Did you know you can buy kids’ school shoes now and pay later?


If your child’s pair breaks unexpectedly or wears out mid-week, then they’ll need a replacement set as soon as possible. But, what if you need to get kids’ school shoes without breaking your weekly budget and you won’t get paid until later?

Well, you can stop stressing out, and buy kids’ school shoes from Everflec using your Afterpay or Zip account instead. Using your account to buy something from Everflex allows you to delay the repayment and stretch it out into smaller pieces.

So, you can order kids’ school shoes from our website and get your child into a great new pair sooner, and without feeling the pinch on your wallet. It’s never the wrong time to get something from Everflex using Afterpay or Zip! 

We hope that helps!

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