When Is The Best Time To Buy School Shoes?

Everflex is here to make shopping for kids’ school shoes easier in 2021! Are you buying styles for the first time, or are you a seasoned customer looking for a better way to do things? Well, we’re here to answer the age-old question: when is the best time to buy kids’ school shoes? 

Maybe it’s a controversial idea, but we think that the ideal time to purchase uniform styles is when your children need them. Because children grow at different times, there’s no designated time to buy kids’ school shoes. It would be way too easy and convenient for parents if their child could hit a growth spurt during the holidays when Mum or Dad would have plenty of time to pick up a new set. 

In reality, most students will grow out of their kids’ school shoes during the semester, leaving parents to rush and get a replacement before their children get too uncomfortable. Still, that doesn’t mean that you can’t try and plan a shopping trip that will help you get your child’s footwear at the best price.

Let Everflex offer some guidance for you in 2021, so you can get kids’ school shoes at a satisfying price! 


Buy two sets of kids’ school shoes during a sale period!


One of the best things about buying styles from Everflex is that each one has a large spread of size options. If you’ve been purchasing a trusty design for your child and you know they’re a winner, then why not buy a set preemptively?

One thing you can guarantee is that children are going to keep growing out of kids’ school shoes, and if you know that you’ll be getting the same design next time, then why not take advantage of a sale? Order the size your child needs in the present and add a pair that’s two sizes larger into your shopping cart for the future. Not only will you save yourself a shopping trip later on in the year, but you’ll also get to buy both pairs of kids’ school shoes at a great price during one of our sales.

It’s an easy way to get free shipping for your purchase; we offer free delivery for orders over $50! 

Don’t get scared by the prospect of buying kids’ school shoes that are two or three sizes above your child’s current pair. After all, when it’s time to transition them onto this extra-large set, you can fill in space with innersoles or other foot care accessories. Innersoles will cushion your child’s feet, provide support in kids’ school shoes, and prevent them from bending up, so wearing an oversized pair won’t be a problem.

It won’t be long until your children hit another growth spurt and fit into their style properly; all you need to do is keep them comfortable until then. 


Check your kids’ school shoes before they head back to the classroom!


How will you know that your child’s style correctly fits unless you check regularly? After a long holiday break, it’s best to play on the safe side and test the fit of your kids’ school shoes, just in case they’re getting too small. This is especially important to watch out for with younger children, as they tend to grow rapidly. 

Unlike teenagers (who’ll also outgrow kids’ school shoes in a blink), your more youthful students might not realise that their shoes are getting too tight right away. They might fail to voice their discomfort with enough gusto! So, how do you even begin to test the fit? 

As a start, get your child to put on their official socks or uniform stockings. They must wear their uniform items since you might misjudge the fit with thinner or thicker casual socks. Next, get your child to put their kids’ school shoes on and do up the fastenings for a secure but comfortable fit. 

Then, get your child to stand up and stand still for you. Press down on the top of your kids’ school shoes with your fingers, until you can feel the spot where their big toe is sitting inside. Once you’ve located their big toe, check how much space is left from there to the edge of the shoe.

If there’s less than a centimetre of room left, then your child’s toes will start to hit or cramp up against the end of their kids’ school shoes, and they require a new pair! 


Do you want to know when the sales are on at Everflex?


You don’t need to stalk our website to find a great deal! Here at Everflex, we’re dedicated to making saving on kids’ school shoes easy for parents, and part of that is knowing when you can get the best prices for styles. We’ll never deny you the chance to save big and scoop up our best styles at a bargain price! 

As such, Everflex makes it even simpler to stay on top of our promotions for kids’ school shoes. All you need to do is follow us on social media, or sign up on our email list. Get on our mailing list, and you can be the first to know when we’ve got discounts on kids’ school shoes and sales running at Everflex! We send out updates with new styles and updates almost weekly, so you’ll be able to spot alerts about sales the minute they arrive in your inbox. 

The same goes for information about kids’ school shoes on our social media accounts. Along with some cute content for you to enjoy on our Instagram and Facebook pages, you’ll get to see any posts we put out about sales as soon as you start scrolling through your feed! Then, you’ll be able to see what’s going on with our new promotion for kids’ school shoes and know that it’s the perfect time to update your child’s pair. 


Don’t forget there’s no such thing as buying out-of-season with Everflex!


Unlike other retailers, who might add kids’ school shoes into their rotation during high-demand times, Everflex has an impressive selection available throughout the year. Along with traditional classroom styles, we have excellent sporty sneakers, casual trainers, fashionable Mary-Jane sandals, glossy boots, and more! 

There’s never a wrong time to buy kids’ school shoes from our online store, especially when we have such low-cost styles on offer all the time. Not only will you have a full spread of designs to make your selection from, but you can count on Everflex to have the sizes that you need for your children too. 

Our sizes can cater to students of all ages, and we have kids’ school shoes that will fit everyone from toddlers to fully-grown adults. If you want to wait for a sale and get our styles at a dream price, follow our tips. Otherwise, it’s always the right time to have a snoop through our kids’ school shoes and see what you can get for your son or daughter!