What Your Child Can Do To Care For Their School Shoes!

Do your children have a habit of ruining their kids’ school shoes?

If your little student wears out their pairs well before they outgrow them, then Everflex is here to put an end to that! After all, keeping up with the demands of new uniforms, stationery, textbooks, and other must-have classroom items is challenging enough! Let us impart our years of experience with kids’ school shoes onto your today. We can teach you the ins-and-outs of styles and how to make them last the longest. Now, let’s get started!

Changing behaviour is one way to do it

More often than not, kids’ school shoes get scuffed and marked because of repeated actions in the classroom, not on the playground. One leading way that kids’ school shoes lose material on the tops of the toes is not from a sudden slip and or trip outside but from weeks of students brushing their toes against the floor as they sit at a desk.

These habits are usually unconsciously done, so the best way to fix the behaviour is to tell your child about them. Once they know not to grate their kids’ school shoes on the carpet, they should start to stop themselves in the act, and eventually avoid doing it altogether.

Still, you can’t blame bad habits for everything!

At Everflex, we believe that if kids’ school shoes can’t keep up the daily wear children put them through, then your style isn’t up to scratch. As such, we offer accessories and care products.

Material maintenance is one key aspect

Dirty kids’ school shoes look messy, and they can also compromise the material. Your child’s footwear will come into contact with dirt, water, and all sorts of messes, inside and outside of the classroom. And, while our kids’ school shoes all get designed for the best durability, leaving them covered with muck is one way to start weakening the material. This problem is rare to see on kids’ school shoes from Everflex, but we know how to combat it.  

So, would you like to know our solution to this problem? At Everflex, we have the Instant Shine Sponge to help clean up kids’ school shoes and make them look freshly-bought. This sponge works dry, so there is no need to involve gummy waxes or staining products. Scrub the Instant Shine Sponge over the surface of your kids’ school shoes, and you’ll see that it is a fast and effective cleaner. Using this sponge is so straightforward that your children will be able to neaten up their footwear in no time! When cleaning up your kids’ school shoes is this easy, there’s no excuse to let a pair slowly wear out!

Replace the laces when they start to fray

As we’ve mentioned, Everflex’s styles come with hard-wearing leather or synthetic material, so it’s rare to see material degradation. However, there is a feature of kids’ school shoes that can be more susceptible to wear and tear: the laces. If winter and summer are rough on material, that’s nothing compared to the laces. When these begin to fray, split, and get fuzzy, they lose their professional air. Everflex stocks replacements that are suitable for kids’ school shoes in our range of accessories. When your child’s current set start looking scruffy, all they need to do is take them out and loop a fresh set in instead. Also, since kids’ school shoes lace up in an easy repetitive pattern, students are more than capable of swapping them out without parental help.

We hope this helps with your kids’ school shoes! 

Look online for more tips and tricks from Everflex. We’ll help you extend the life of your kids’ school shoes this year!