What Type Of School Shoes Are Best?

What type of kids’ school shoes is the best? Let the debate begin! This is a question that parents and retailers alike have been asking for decades. Here at Everflex, we believe that the best kids’ school shoes come with desirable features, which is why we take great care during the design process. However, we also know that the personal needs of the student wearing the pair can affect how they perceive different types. The best kids’ school shoes for your child may not be the ideal fit for another student. So, to figure out what your child’s ideal pair looks like, there are some things you will have to think about. 


Are touch-fastening, lace-up, or buckled kids’ school shoes preferable?

If you have a young child, then touch-fastening straps are ideal. Your young child will be able to secure the tabs on these kids’ school shoes without adult intervention; if they come loose during recess, they won’t have to track down a teacher for help. 

Buckled styles are our Mary-Jane sandals, which are a trendy alternative to traditional uniform designs. Mary-Jane kids’ school shoes are the perfect option for trendy girls, especially with their decorative laser cut-outs!

Finally, Everflex also has lace-up styles. Laced kids’ school shoes make up the bulk of our range because they are the classic uniform-finishing design. If your child knows how to tie their shoelaces and needs a pair they can wear in the classroom, then you can’t go wrong with these! 


Should the material matter to you?

At Everflex, we offer both synthetic and leather kids’ school shoes. Visually, it is practically impossible to tell the difference between the two materials, so there’s no need to base your decision around aesthetics. However, there are certain attributes of these materials that you find preferable to have from your kids’ school shoes. Synthetic styles are vegan-friendly, easy to clean, and have excellent water resistance. Leather kids’ school shoes have excellent air circulation and tend to have a softer and more flexible feel. Knowing the traits of the material will help you make an informed decision the next time you shop. For instance, if your child has sensitive skin, then kids’ school shoes made with leather would work beautifully. Similarly, if your child treats their footwear roughly and brings them home dirty every other day, then faux leather would be the better choice. 


What makes the ideal type of sneakers? 

The best kind of trainers and sneakers are ones that can go, go, and go! Your kids’ school shoes need to keep up with weekly PE (or fitness) classes, sports practices after classes end, and games on Saturdays or Sundays too! That means it is crucial that students get trainers that they trust to take care of them. Active kids’ school shoes from Everflex feature steady grip and built-in support, so your children will enjoy hours of interrupted comfort from their pair. 

But, what sort of finish is best on these sporty kids’ school shoes? While colourful sneakers are fun, you can’t go wrong with all-black and all-white sneakers! If your child needs to follow a strict dress code, then colourful kids’ school shoes could get them into trouble with teachers. Our single-toned styles will bring no such issues for students, and they look fantastic with every type of uniform. 


Do you know which type your children will need in 2020?

You’ve taken a step in the right direction simply by reading this article. But, if you need any more help figuring out which kids’ school shoes to wear, then have a browse of our website. You can learn more about Everflex’s styles in their descriptions, or by reading other articles. You’ll find the best kids’ school shoes in no time!