What to Look for in Your Child’s First Pair of School Shoes!

Are you on the lookout for a fantastic pair of kids’ school shoes? In 2020, the place to shop for all your uniform footwear has got to be Everflex! Today, we’re going to focus on the things that you should be looking for from a pair of kids’ school shoes. If you’re buying your child’s first set for the classroom, then this little guide is going to help you get started!

Watch out for low-cost kids’ school shoes and flexible payment options


Everflex delivers the best prices year-in and year-out, so you know you’ll save big shopping with us! One pair of our kids’ school shoes will cost a fraction of the price of a set from another brand, and the quality is still as excellent. If you’re shopping for a family on a budget, then our bargain prices will be perfect for you! Not only that, but Everflex also offers flexible payment methods for kids’ school shoes. You can buy items from our collection using your Zip or Afterpay account and delay repayment until it’s convenient for you. So, don’t worry about a hefty final sum for a handful of kids’ school shoes. Our low prices should keep you below triple-digits until at least your third pick, and if that’s still too much at once, then you can use these flexible payment options to divide the cost. 

Are you partial to a particular type of material? Do you know the pros and cons of synthetic and leather kids’ school shoes? 


Synthetic styles are a must-have for customers after vegan-friendly items. However, if you’re impartial about the material of kids’ school shoes, then we have some attributes of each for you to consider. Leather styles feel softer on feet and take less time to break-in, for instance. Their great air-circulation also keeps feet cool during the warmer months, so children who get sweaty feet quickly would benefit. On the other hand, our sturdy and easy-to-clean synthetic kids’ school shoes are the ideal picks for students who love to get outside and play during recess and lunch.  

Touch-fastening straps


These kids’ school shoes are perfect for children who are only just starting school, as they are easier to do-up than laces. Anyone with younger children should look for styles with touch-fastening straps, and most of our smaller-sized options come with these fittings anyway. After all, kids’ school shoes with laces are a little too tricky for most young students, especially ones in their first year. 

What size range should you be shopping in for kids’ school shoes?


Everflex has an enormous spread of sizes, so we understand the confusion for first-time buyers. Our kids’ school shoes run as follows: 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Size 9 is the smallest, and 6 is the largest. If you are shopping for a child who is starting their first year, you will likely need a size 9 or 10 (a “Toddler” size). However, if your child is bigger than average, then our “junior” kids’ school shoes (size 11-13) are the next category and will cater to them easily. The collection after these (1-6) are our Preteen styles, and size 6 leads straight into our collection for men and women. 

That should clear up some confusion about kids’ school shoes!


If you have any more queries or questions about our kids’ school shoes, then feel free to get in contact with Everflex! You can send off an email or give our team a call, and we’ll do our best to provide you with answers. Otherwise, you can always read more of our helpful articles for extra details about Everflex’s kids’ school shoes. See you soon!