What To Look For In The Perfect Pair Of School Shoes

What should you be looking for from the perfect pair of school shoes?

A fantastic price is a safe place to start, and you know that Everflex delivers on that front! Our excellent starting prices are perfect for families who are shopping for multiple kids or are on a budget. After all, you can get our school shoes for a fraction of the cost of some other brands, but the quality is as good. Not only do we have styles that will last for longer than a term, but we also make replacing old or small school shoes less of a hit to your bank account! You can’t deny that those are some big bonuses!

Search for school shoes with a span of sizes

One great thing about shopping for school shoes at Everflex is that we provide an extensive spread of sizes for each of them. When you find a winning pair that your child loves and then outgrows, getting the same style in the next size up is ridiculously easy. The name of your current school shoes will be on their original box or your old order form, and you can use that to find them again online. Otherwise, eyeballing them against our style images online will be so easy as well. Then, all you have to do is grab those much-loved school shoes in a larger size!

Find a material that works the best from Everflex

Anyone getting a classroom style will be taking home school shoes that are black and shiny. However, these can be either synthetic or leather designs. Synthetic material is hard to mark, is easy to clean, and has high-grade water resistance. Leather school shoes are more flexible and circulate air better. Only you will know which is going to be better suited to your child’s needs.

You won’t be able to tell synthetic and leather school shoes apart by looking at the pictures. But, you can find the information about a style’s type of material in the description online, so if you have a preference, it’s no hassle to differentiate them.

Get fastenings that suit your child’s age

When you search through your options for traditional school shoes, you’ll see there are more than a few available. Our styles are predominately lace-up kinds, as these are the most popular and time-tested favourites. However, anyone buying for younger students should consider getting our school shoes with touch-fastening or buckled straps. Like laced styles, these can be loosened or tightened for a cosier fit. These are more manageable and more secure fastenings, and help make school shoes more age-appropriate for little kids. However, ultimately, it’s up to you to decide.

Are you looking at sports styles? Focus on the tread!

Not all school shoes are supposed to stay in the classroom. Sneaker and trainers are a vital part of the uniform for most kids, even if it’s only for a weekly PE lesson. So, whether your kids are involved in ten extra-curricular sports or none, you need to ensure that their active school shoes are up to scratch. We advise grabbing styles with grooved bases (you’ll know them when you see them) as these have the best grip and traction. If you want to keep your kids from sliding around on courts and gym floors, or from slipping on wet grass and mud on a playing field, then these are the school shoes to choose! In addition to the balance that proper grip gives kids, most of these sorts of sneakers also have built-in support, so they’ll enjoy a more comfortable fit as well.

We hope this helps you find a great pair 

Your ideal school shoes are waiting at Everflex right now, so have a look soon!