What to Look for in Summer School Shoes

Summer school shoes significantly impact your child’s comfort, well-being, and performance during the warm and sunny months of the year. The rise in temperature requires a change in their footwear style. It’s best to hide the boots first and focus on options that provide comfort during these months while maintaining style.

With so many features to consider, it can be time-consuming to research and check. Thankfully, our team from Everflex knows the essential characteristics of summer school shoes. We will share everything you need to know here: a one-stop shop for everything related to school shoes. If you’re ready to start, let’s do it!



During the warm summer months, the temperature rises and can be uncomfortable. Breathability allows air to circulate in the school shoes, keeping the feet fresh and sweat-free all day. More importantly, ventilation prevents moisture buildup that can lead to odour-causing bacteria. By letting air in, the school shoes can keep your child’s feet dry and protected from fungal infections like athlete’s foot.

How do you choose breathable school shoes?

First, choose a low-cut style or one with open tops. Avoid ankle boots for now. The ideal options from the Everflex collection include a Mary Jane and T-Bar for the girls and lace-up or double straps for the boys.

Secondly, check the kind of material used in the footwear. Leather school shoes are well-ventilated and can help regulate the temperature inside.



Adjustability is essential in summer school shoes because it gives the child control over the fit. They can loosen their academic footwear when the temperature becomes unbearable and requires more room for their feet to breathe. The collection of Everflex school shoes uses three fastenings to provide adjustability: touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces.


  • Touch-fastening straps consist of two nylon strips called hooks and loops, which lock together when pressed. The school shoes remain secure on your child’s feet via robust adhesion. Knowing some of the flaws of this fastening is critical. For one, it creates a distinctive noise when pried open, which can be distracting.

    While the adhesion is strong, it has a limit. Once your child reaches the maximum number of times to open or close the straps, it’s time to replace them. Other disadvantages include sticking to various materials, ruining them, and having dirt stuck on them, diminishing the adhesion.

  • A buckle is a flat, typically rectangular frame with a hinged pin that joins the ends of a strap. School shoes that use this fastening don’t come off quickly because of their excellent hold. However, adjustability is limited because the holes on the belt are equidistant; one spot can be too tight while the other is too loose.

  • Laces provide the most customisable fit among the three. How your child weaves the lace through the eyelets and ties them will affect the fit of the school shoes. One disadvantage of using laces is their tendency to come undone, which can trip your child. However, it’s the only independent fastening for easy cleaning or replacement. 



Kids love playing, whether indoors or outdoors. Expect more running, horsing around, jumping, and chasing during the summer season. As such, ensure that their summer school shoes are designed to have excellent grip. Traction ensures they remain steady and stable during gameplay. 

One of the parents’ worst fears is getting an emergency call telling them their child slipped while playing. Get the correct school shoes to avoid tears, wounds, broken bones, and tantrums.

To check, flip the academic footwear and check if the soles have random shapes. These shapes provide friction between the floor and footwear, keeping the child stable.



The best way to combat hot summer weather is to get comfortable school shoes to prevent foot fatigue and reduce pain and strain. To find comfortable academic footwear, parents need to check for the following features:


  • Roomy toe room

Summer school shoes need a wide toe box so the child’s toes can spread naturally. Imagine how irritating it can be when the footwear squeezes their toes in and rubs them, which can result in painful blisters. Choose school shoes with rounded toes, which are available at Everflex. Let your child try the footwear on and have them wiggle their toes.


  • Get the right size

Obtaining your child’s correct size can be tricky since no two feet are identical. Measure the length and width of each separately. Alternatively, you can have professionals do it. Podiatrists and trained staff can get the child’s measurements and recommend the best school shoes for their foot type. 

By the way, your shopping schedule also matters. Purchase the school shoes in the afternoon when the child’s feet are at their maximum size to account for the growth. Also, ensure they wear socks when trying on the footwear, as these can affect the fit. The Everflex collection of school shoes has inclusive sizes for all ages, so there’s an option for everyone.


  • Room for growth

Once you’ve determined your child’s size, leave a 1cm gap between the tip of their longest toe and the school shoes for development. Growth spurts occur several times, and having space to accommodate that is good. Check if the gap is still there after 4–8 weeks, and replace it immediately once you discover it’s gone.



As mentioned, children enjoy playing during the summer, so find school shoes that can withstand wear and tear. Finding durable footwear suitable for kids of any age is easy at Everflex because it uses premium-quality materials for its collection.


  • Everflex uses two kinds of materials for its collection of school shoes: leather and vegan-friendly. Both exhibit durability and provide support and protection. Some differences to note between the two are price and production. Vegan-friendly school shoes do not use animals in production, which is excellent for the environment.

    They are more affordable because it takes fewer processes to produce them. Vegan-friendly school shoes also leave a minimal carbon footprint behind.

  • A firm heel counter is necessary for longevity. It contributes to the durability and structural integrity of the school shoes by maintaining their shape and providing support. We offer products as high-quality as those from market leaders like Nike, Skechers, Harrison Asics, and Clarks, but at a much lower cost.


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