What to Look for in Girls PE School Shoes!

Are you searching around for a new set of girls’ school shoes? Let Everflex take the guesswork out of buying styles in 2021! We’ll tell you everything you need to remember while you look for girls’ school shoes. 


How old is your daughter?


One thing to think about (before you start looking for girls’ school shoes) is what sort of fastenings she’ll need. Here at Everflex, you’ll see that we have touch-fastening styles and lace-up designs. Both types of girls’ school shoes are adjustable for your child’s best fit and comfort, but laces offer the most customisation. Our touch-fastening footwear tends to be smaller since these are popular choices for young children.


Alternatively, laces tend to be the pick for older students since they feel more grown-up. However, you’ll find plenty of big touch-fastening and small lace-up girls’ school shoes. We know kids develop at different speeds, which is why we provide styles for children who grow slower or faster than their peers. 


The choice is up to you, but you can always count on Everflex to offer girls’ school shoes that suit your daughter’s needs.


What are the features to search for when you’re buying sneakers?


Aside from different fastenings, there are all sorts of features to check on when you’re shopping for girls’ school shoes. Sneakers and trainers get designed for high performance during fast-paced activities and physically demanding situations. So, let’s cover the essentials! 


We create our sportswear to provide arch support and absorb shock so that students can keep going, going, and going! However, perfect soles are non-negotiable with these girls’ school shoes. The grooves on the base of these styles need to be capable of gripping surfaces effectively so children can stop, turn, change direction, and move without losing their footing. Take a look at the tread on our girls’ school shoes, and you’ll see they mean business! 


Pick colours that work with your daughter’s dress code!


While most parents expect strict uniform regulations for regular girls’ school shoes, some forget to take sportswear into account. Not every administration is happy to let kids wear brightly-coloured trainers or sneakers with cartoons on the sides. If you’ve got to buy sporty girls’ school shoes, be sure that you double-check the uniform requirements before you begin to add anything into your shopping cart. 


At Everflex, we have all-white and all-black girls’ school shoes, so we’re an easy choice. You won’t hear teachers complaining about our block-coloured sneakers anytime soon! Not to mention, if you grab a pair for your child in 2021, they’ll be easy to match with casual clothes and activewear on the weekends too! 


There’s nothing wrong with extra support!


Does your daughter need a bit more cushioning from her girls’ school shoes? Don’t worry, because Everflex can help on that front too! Even if your child doesn’t have a condition that requires orthotics, our innersoles and other care accessories are a fantastic addition to sneakers and trainers. 


When your child is playing sports, our girls’ school shoes will protect their feet, but these inserts can provide a whole new level of comfort and padding. Does your daughter have a busy schedule with morning or afternoon sports practises on top of a full day of classes? If so, then we highly recommend innersoles! Full-length gel inserts offer the most padding, but comfort foam and half-sized innersoles are a prime pick for girls’ school shoes too. 


Do you like buying big sneakers that your daughter can grow into as she gets older? Innersoles can fill some of the space while your daughter is still growing, and keep oversized girls’ school shoes feeling good! 


You should be ready to shop for styles yourself now! Come scroll through our girls’ school shoes at your leisure!