What to Look for in a Pair of Non-Slip Work Shoes!

Do you work in the hospitality or healthcare industry? Do you struggle to find the perfect set of kicks? If this sounds like you, do not fear. We pride ourselves at Everflex on offering everyone the perfect set of kicks to wear. 


You will find that investing in non-slip shoes will become the ultimate range of footwear for you. If you feel stuck on what to look for in a good pair of non-slip shoes, you are in the right place. We have gathered a range of tips to look for when shopping for a set of non-slip shoes. 


These tips will ensure that you make the right decision when shopping for your next pair of non-slip shoes. Our slip-resistant kicks are perfect for school & work, which means you will never go wrong with these kicks in your life. 


Tip 1 – Tread


Our first trip to keep an eye on when shopping for your next pair of non-slip shoes is to look out for the tread. You will find that a set of non-slip shoes work the best when they have a good tread. If you are unsure of this, that is more than ok. We are here to help you discover the ultimate set of non-slip shoes both for women and men.


We help you find the perfect set of slip-resistant shoes that can keep your feet protected all day long. The tread keeps your feet on the ground and the slippery floor out of harm's way. Unfortunately, it is easy to fall over and trip on an unusual substance on the floor.

Whether you work in a café or a hospital, you will find a range of instances where you have to be extra careful about where you step. But, of course, we care about the safety of every customer. That's why we have a product availability of non-slip work shoes.


You will find that the tread details are a range of circles and hexagons printed on the sole of the footwear. The more shapes you have on the bottom of your footwear, the better the tread will be. The tread on your non-slip shoes will trap any substance under your feet and allow you to keep walking over the floor. 


The non-slip shoes ensure your feet are firmly on the floor even when surfaces are wet from water, grease and even oil because there is a clearance between the ground and the tread details. It is tried and tested, so it will really support you all the way.


Tip 2 – Grooves


Get your hands on a pair of non-slip shoes this season, and trust that you will feel safe and secure all day long. We recommend looking for a set of non-slip shoes that feature a wide range of grooves. You will find that grooves are similar to the tread because they are on the bottom of your kicks. 


The grooves are large indents in the sole that allow the wet substances to glide through the footwear rather than get trapped. These grooves will ensure that your new pair of non-slip shoes are suitable for school and work. 


CONVINCE is one of the many styles that we offer here at Everflex. You will find that this range of non-slip shoes is perfect to wear on the job. Your feet will look fabulous and feel secure throughout the day and night. So search no further; take this as a sign to get these kicks while we have stock, so you'll have your order number.

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Tip 3 – Fastening method


To ensure that you stay safe and secure all day and night at work, we recommend finding non-slip shoes with a fastening method. You will know that lace-ups and touch-fastening non-slip shoes will work best for your next pair of kicks. 


These fastening methods in non-slip work shoes are super trusted and can keep your feet safe and secure throughout the day. It will keep your feet intact and in places like the heel strap in heels and the laces in trainers. But, of course, there is nothing worse than rocking a set of non-slip shoes without a fastening method. 


You will have more risk of injuring yourself if you fall over. This tip is why we recommend finding footwear that offers these fastening methods. You will thank us later!


Tip 4 – Outer material 


Keep your feet protected this season with our range of non-slip shoes. You will find that investing in some non-slip shoes with a sturdy outer material will ensure you feel safe and secure all day long. 


There is nothing better than getting your hands on some non-slip shoes with sturdy outer material. Then, if you ever fall over, you can trust that your pair of non-slip shoes will keep your feet protected, especially with sturdy outer material. 


If you find a set of these kicks with a canvas-like outer material, you will find that your level of protection decreases. So instead, we recommend investing in a pair of non-slip shoes with a thick and strong outer material. Then, you can get them at a very affordable price!


Tip 5 – Rubber sole 


Get your hands on a pair of rubber sole non-slip shoes this season! These kicks will be a game-changer for you. Our range of rubber sole non-slip shoes is common to find. 


The one thing that we recommend keeping an eye on is whether or not the rubber is soft or hard. You will find that a pair of black patent non-slip shoes with a hard rubber sole will be more protective than ones with soft rubber. This tip is because the soft rubber has less grip and means you will be more likely to fall over. 


The hard rubber sole ensures that your non-slip shoes can work their magic and keep your feet gripped to the ground, even when walking over something slippery. So, get over your old New Balance. Instead, get this footwear from one of your favourite brand stores, Everflex!


Tip 6 – Accessories 


One thing that everyone forgets to invest in when shopping for a new pair of non-slip shoes is that you need some footwear accessories. These are a must-have in every wardrobe. 


You will find that footwear accessories for your new pair of non-slip shoes are super beneficial. We recommend investing in some innersoles for your next pair of kicks. Innersoles are super easy to wear and can instantly add a layer of comfort to your feet. These accessories will ensure that your non-slip shoes last as long as possible. 


The innersoles can protect the inside of your footwear from breaking or wearing away. If your new pair of non-slip shoes feature laces, we recommend investing in some backup laces and socks. You can never go wrong with some backup laces and socks in your house. 


Do you love these non-slip shoes?


If you love our range of non-slip shoes, then that is your sign to invest in a new pair. You can never go wrong with a set of these kicks in your life. Our range of non-slip shoes will keep you comfortable and protected all day. Head to the Everflex shop website today to get some new and supportive kicks!

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