What to Do When Your Child Is In Between Sizes


Shopping for school shoes doesn’t have to be a taxing or troublesome experience. Everflex is here to assist you today and offer some hot tips! We know that providing kids with school shoes can be tough when they keep outgrowing them and that it’s hard to know where to begin. So, sit back. Let us offer you some advice and information before you outfit your little student for 2020. 


Everflex has an excellent selection of sizes


Our collection can keep up with your growing kids effortlessly. One benefit of becoming a regular shopper at Everflex is the fact that our range is all-encompassing. The smallest of our school shoes will fit the tiniest toddlers, and the hugest option is a men’s size 13. There’s no gap between our preteen designs and young adult ones either. School shoes transition straight from the kids’ category to the adult ones, so there’s no need to worry about a lack of size options or leaving empty-handed! 


Test the fit of your child’s school shoes


Shopping online is excellent in that you can avoid the queues and customers in stores during the pre-semester scramble for new school shoes. However, if you’re unsure about what size to get your child, then missing out on getting them fitted by a professional is one unfortunate drawback. Luckily, Everflex can talk you through how to test the fit of school shoes all by yourself. 


First, have your child put their pair on and stand upright. Unless it’s a style that doesn’t require socks, have them wear their official uniform socks (or stockings) as they would during the week. Press down and feel for your child’s longest toe; there should be a centimetre between the end of their toe and the top of their school shoes. 


When the style doesn’t fit right, what should you do?


If the gap is more than a centimetre, consider swapping to a smaller pair of school shoes. Kids tend to trip and stumble in oversized styles because the empty top bends over or they slip mid-stride. However, if you’d prefer to leave them and let your kids grow into their school shoes, then add some fabric innersoles to improve the fit and fill the empty spaces. Innersoles feel amazing underfoot, so you won’t hear any objections from your kids! Plus, those handy inserts should help prevent school shoes from causing any accidents or injuries. 


Are your kids’ toes cramped up inside of their current pair? Well, it’s time for you to browse for a bigger size. While you’re selecting their new school shoes, we’d advise that you also check in on their sneakers or trainers. Sportswear might not get worn as often as classroom pairs, but they do have to handle more demanding physical activity. Proper support is crucial during high-impact and high-intensity sports, and the only way to guarantee lasting comfort is to provide school shoes that fit. 


Would you prefer a professional opinion? 


Everflex school shoes are stocked in-store exclusively at Spendless Shoes. Buying items online is convenient and a great way to spare yourself some stress, but we’ll happily recommend a trip to your local Spendless. Any of the team members would be happy to show you to Everflex’s school shoes, recommend a style, and help check the fit is correct. So, if you’d like a great customer experience with a friendly assistant, then we’d highly recommend this route. 


Do you feel confident about getting school shoes now? 


Has this little article dialed back your stress and helped you decompress a bit? Finding the right size for your kids’ school shoes is no trouble with Everflex, and hopefully, you know that now!