What School Shoes Are Appropriate For My Child?

Who’s looking for a new pair of school shoes for their child? Everflex has some advice to get you started on the right foot this season. Do you need help figuring out which school shoes are appropriate for your child? We’ll clear away the confusion for you right now!


Check your dress code before you start shopping!


It’s impossible to go wrong when you buy our classic school shoes. These glossy, black, leather-look, round-toed designs have been the go-to look for students forever. But, if you’re interested in looking at any of our alternative school shoes, then you should double-check the student rulebook. Our Mary-Jane sandals are fashionable, fun, and a prime pick for girls of all ages, but not if they’re going to get your daughter in trouble the second she steps into the classroom. Once you’ve consulted the dress code, you can shop for your child’s next pair of school shoes with confidence! 


Are you shopping for a small child or a young adult?


When it comes to selecting school shoes for students of different ages, the size of the pair isn’t the only important factor to consider. Everflex has both touch-fastening and lace-up designs, and we recommend them for young children and teenagers, respectively. Even after they’ve learned how to lace up their school shoes, little kids can have trouble tying them up without help or not notice them coming undone, so loose ties become a tripping hazard.

For that reason, touch-fastening styles are the ones we recommend for youngsters. In contrast, preteens and teenagers will benefit the most from footwear that they can reshape to their liking, which is why laced school shoes are their best option! 


Does your child need soft or durable material? 


At Everflex, we design our school shoes to be as cosy and enduring as possible. However, we offer styles in different materials to elevate aspects of the design, so that students can reap the benefits. School shoes in our collection come in vegan-friendly synthetic material and others that come in leather.

If your children have an unfortunate habit of ruining their footwear and tend to be hard on them, then our artificial fabrics are their ideal match. They’ll have to go to extreme lengths to wear out our synthetic school shoes since they’re easy to clean, difficult to mark up, and they flex instead of cracking or splitting. Does your child have sensitive feet? School shoes with leather uppers and lining have a kind fit and excellent air circulation. If hot and sweaty feet are an issue for your kid, leather styles are their best bet!


You can’t go wrong with our sporty school shoes!


Firstly, our activewear gets designed for fast-paced activities and weekly wear. Students with PE class, club sports, and busy weekends will need these pairs almost as regularly as they need their school shoes, so they need to be up to any challenge! As such, Everflex gives these active pairs built-in arch support, flexible soles with great grip, and even more fantastic features. Still, our school shoes aren’t just a good pick for their functionality, but also for their aesthetic.

With a lot of administrations starting to crack down on PE uniforms and banning colourful footwear, our simple sports styles can keep teachers happy. Our white sneakers and black trainers will match any uniform, and they’re sure to pass the strictest student dress codes. Don’t get caught out this season! Give your kids our excellent sporty school shoes and let them go have fun! 


How do you feel about selecting styles now?

Read another of our articles to learn more about Everflex school shoes, or get in contact with our team! We’ll happily answer any question you have about styles, sizes, or anything else!