What Makes Everflex Different From Other School Shoes Out There?

Are you looking for a range of school shoes above what others can offer?

If yes, make the smart choice this academic year by shopping for your kid's school shoes at Everflex. Several brands offer academic footwear, so what makes Everflex a cut above the rest?

Who else is better to explain than the team from Everflex? So if you're ready to discover what makes Everflex different from other kids' school shoes, please read on!


1. The Styles

Everflex offers more styles of kids' school shoes on top of traditional ones. In addition, the brand considers the different needs and seasons and ensures the style is perfect for each student's taste and lifestyle.

For instance, pull-on boots are ideal for lads in their early years. These kids' school shoes lack fastening, so all your kid must do is use the pull tabs to wear them.

Instead of fastenings, the boots have elastic side gussets that expand to accommodate any foot shape.

These gussets also provide kids' school shoes with a snug and comfortable fit. And since the boots offer warmth and coverage until the ankles, most parents choose them for winter.

Meanwhile, young misses have school shoe styles ideal for summer, spring, or warmer months. The Mary Janes and T-Bars are similar in looks.

However, there are a few differences. While both have an open-top design, the Mary Janes use a single touch-fastening strap over the middle of the feet to secure the footwear.

On the one hand, the T-Bar style uses a buckle for fastening, and the straps form a T over the instep. But on the other hand, breathability is a top feature of these, making them ideal for warmer months.

With breathability, there's a way for air to come in and circulate to keep your child's feet fresh.

Apart from kids' school shoes, Everflex offers unisex styles. The first one is the double strap, which got its name from its two touch-fastening straps that secure the footwear on your kid. 

While these cover the entire foot, they are still appropriate for all seasons because of their leather material. 

Leather is breathable, which makes it ideal for warmer climates. At the same time, leather insulates heat, making the style suitable for the cold months.

The second unisex style available at Everflex is the lace-up. These use laces for fastening, the only independent fastening available at Everflex. 

Because of this, you can clean and replace the laces without touching the school shoes, unlike the other designs. 

Moreover, the lace-up style is ideal for all seasons, thanks to its leather material. As mentioned, leather is breathable and acts as an insulator.


2. Materials 

Everflex believes in catering to all sorts of consumers. As such, their kids' school shoes have leather and vegan-friendly options. We've discussed leather when describing the various designs, so let's touch on the vegan-friendly kind.

Customers who prefer sustainable living choose the vegan-friendly footwear from Everflex because they cause less environmental harm by not using animals in production.

Moreover, making vegan-friendly materials has fewer steps, so it doesn't leave much of a carbon footprint. 

When you buy vegan-friendly kids' school shoes, you help the planet you live on by minimising waste, and you get more affordable footwear.


3. Fastenings 

Everflex understands that kids have different skills, so they have three fastenings that correspond to what your kid can do independently—press touch-fastening straps, lock buckles, and tie laces. 

Fastenings are essential because they provide adjustability to the footwear. Your kid can tighten or loosen their footwear as needed. 

Touch-fastening straps are suitable for early starters because they can secure the straps in a breeze. Then, by pressing the strips made of hooks and loops together, your young one can lock their shoes.

Buckles are for more skilled students, requiring more problem-solving skills to lock the buckle's pin to the hole in the other strap. The excellent thing about using kids' school shoes with this fastening is that it can strengthen their fine motor skills.

Laces require more advanced skills, as tying laces can be tricky. But once your child gets the hang of it, expect great pride when they don their laced pairs. 

As mentioned, laces are independent of footwear, so you don't need to replace the whole thing when the laces get destroyed. Instead, you buy new laces from Everflex


4. Versatile Shopping Experience 

Everflex knows how hectic life can be for parents, so they made it easier through the use of clear filters on the site. enabling you to have a top online shopping experience 

You don't need to visit a brick-and-mortar store to shop for kids' school shoes; you can do it in the comfort of your home. And one of the best reasons people prefer shopping online is because of the discount vouchers and coupons.

On top of the affordable prices at Everflex, you get additional discounts that help you save more money. But if you can shop 24/7 at lower prices, will you still look at other brands?


5. Has a Product for Your Every Need 

You can find everything related to school shoes and your child's comfort at Everflex. It's a one-stop shop that caters to all your needs, even if you have yet to discover them.

You can buy the socks your child will wear with their shoes for the entire year. Laces and other shoe care products are also available at Everflex.

More importantly, Everflex has non-slip footwear that your child can consider when they have part-time work that makes them constantly encounter slippery, wet, and oily floors.

In addition, all the available slip-resistant footwear at Everflex looks the same as traditional school shoes, making them work correctly with the uniform requirement.


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Finding the correct pair of girls and boys school shoes requires researching and looking at several different brands. Everflex is a one-stop shop for all your school shoe needs, with a large selection of styles.

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