What Makes A School Shoe Good?

Do you want to know what elements make up the best kids’ school shoes? Let’s go through it together! 

Proper grip is a must

Why would you waste your time with unsteady kids’ school shoes? Students of all ages need styles that can keep them safe during any weather conditions. Regardless of whether you’re shopping for traditional kids’ school shoes or sneakers for sports lessons (or extra-curricular activities), decent traction is essential. If you don’t want your children to slip, stumble, trip, or hurt themselves, then grip in unnegotiable. When you shop online at Everflex, you can see which of our kids’ school shoes are outfitted with grooved soles by looking at the style images. So, they’re impossible to miss! 

Comfort and support is essential 

If you’re familiar with Everflex, then you’ll already know how hard we work to create seamless comfort. Kids’ school shoes need to be comfortable and supportive so that students can wear them week-in and week-out without any issues arising. As such, many of our best designs have built-in arch assistance and other beneficial features from the outset. However, we also offer a range of foot care products too. Take a look at our accessories range, and you’ll see all the innersoles and inserts you can use for your kids’ school shoes. These can get cut down-to-size, slip inside styles easily, and provide a cushy base for sensitive feet. So, if you want your little students to enjoy every minute that they wear their kids’ school shoes, then consider our comfort accessories! 

Suitable fasteners improve footwear too 

While traditional kids’ school shoes all look similar, the fastenings are a notable point of difference. At Everflex, our styles can be lace-up, buckled, or touch-fastening. Depending on the age of your children, the ideal type will be different. Touch-fasting kids’ school shoes are for our youngest students, as these are the easiest for them to do-up and will stay secure during playtimes. Lace-up styles are the accepted look for older students, who can tie their footwear up independently if they come loose. Kids’ school shoes with buckles land somewhere between these two.  

Maintaining your footwear makes them look good too

No one likes the look of ratty laces or dirty material, especially not strict teachers. Keep your kids’ school shoes looking their best this season with our care accessories, and stop your children from getting penalized! Our Instant Shine Sponge works without water and cleans off muck in seconds. When kids’ school shoes start looking gross, grab Instant Shine and help them look glossy again. Likewise, if your frazzled shoelaces have started to fray and snap, then we have extras waiting for you. These are oh-so-easy to switch out and replace, so your kids’ school shoes will look fresh and new in no time! 

Affordable prices help too! 

Kids’ school shoes are in steady demand throughout the year, so we always keep prices low and competitive. At Everflex, what could buy you one pair from another retailer can get you closer to three from our shelves. And, despite that, you’d hardly notice the difference in the quality of your kids’ school shoes. There are so many other things (like stationary and other uniform items) to buy during the pre-semester rush, so why break the bank on your footwear? After all, students go through dozens of styles as they keep growing, and we know it’s crucial to save when you can. That’s why at Everflex, we treat customers to high-quality kids’ school shoes for a minimum cost.  

Keep all of this in mind the next time you shop! 

We hope this handy guide helps you with your kids’ school shoes!