What Makes a Pair of Non-Slip Shoes Worth It?

People in the hospitality and healthcare industries are constantly at risk of accidental falls because of their jobs and workplace. They must always be quick at their feet in a location where spillage and wet and greasy floors are the norm. Making sure you are properly outfitted for a busy and demanding shift begins with your footwear.


Non-slip shoes prevent slipping. Their unique rubber outsoles offer a firmer grip when walking on slippery surfaces. Non-slip shoes are versatile and helpful in diverse situations.


We at Everflex have a wide range of non-slip and slip work shoes that enjoy durability, breathability, and comfort. Men's slip-resistant shoes and women's non-slip shoes are a must in any fast-paced kitchen or restaurant environment. And with most slip and fall accidents occurring at work, you need to wear the best available non-slip restaurant shoes you can buy.


These non-slip work shoes offer you comfort all day while protecting your feet and yourself from potential hazards and help reduce kitchen accidents. So, Find your nearest store to check product availability, sizes, heel strap, and even the price. The price is very affordable at the regular price.


You can also search our website, sign in using your account, and check clear filters for all the details, special offers, and more. The wearer has peace of mind knowing that there are fewer chances of trips, falls, and slips while keeping you secure and guarded against various injuries. Everflex has an effective range of non-slip shoes for you.


If you're still contemplating if investing in a pair is worth it, allow the Everflex team to break down what makes them ideal.


Here are some of the reasons you should get a pair of non-slip shoes:


1. Safeguard You from Potential Trip and Slip Risks


One of the most frequent incidents at a hospitality or healthcare workplace is a slip, a trip, or a fall. Wearing non-slip shoes reduces these risks by helping you stay upright while you navigate slippery or wet areas. They function by having soles with larger tread grooves, which are more capable of clinging to the floor.


It is helpful in restaurants where spills of liquids like water and oil are commonplace. You can also check for additional anti-trip characteristics, such as a tapered toe, cushioned collars, and midsole padding for maximum comfort when purchasing a pair of non-slip shoes.


2. Reduce Injury Risks


Without non-slip shoes, you run the danger of tripping and hurting yourself. One inadvertent trip or dropped object is all it takes to suffer severe injuries that keep you from working. Some of these injuries include:


1. Broken bones


The extent of your injuries will depend on your age and the intensity of the fall. For example, not wearing non-slip shoes could be more harmful because their bones become more brittle as people age. While some broken bones can mend without surgery, others require screws to hold them together.


2. Back injury


You can avoid the most common cause of back injuries by wearing non-slip shoes. Tragically, some of these accidents necessitate spinal surgery.


3. Head trauma


One tragic mishap can result in a head injury, which, in adverse circumstances, could cause irreversible brain damage or paralysis. Get a pair of non-slip shoes from Everflex to shield yourself from it.


3. Durable and Enduring


Your regular footwear can withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

However, elements like water and grease can wreak additional exterior harm. If that's the case, you'll often need to buy new footwear.


But with non-slip shoes made from higher-quality and more durable materials, you can save money since you won't need to replace them often. The design of non-slip shoes allows for their constant exposure to these harmful elements.


4. Maintains Dry Feet


The outside of water-resistant shoes keeps your feet dry, which is especially important in restaurants where liquids always spill on the floor and get into your shoes. Keep the exterior of your non-slip shoes shiny with the instant shine available on Everflex's shoe care page.


5. Provides Support to Your Feet


Standing and working for long periods can wear you out. Get a pair of non-slip shoes with cushioned insoles to prevent aching feet. Lucky for you, the non-slip shoes at Everflex have that feature and others that will benefit you. These features include:


  1. Oil-resistant outsole
  1. Commercial grade non-marking rubber outsole
  1. Heel impact cushioning for shock absorption and support
  1. Flexible and padded innersole for all-day comfort
    You must check for the following characteristics to get protection and benefits from non-slip shoes:
  1. Anti-skid soles are essential to avoid tripping and falling. Durable ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) rubber is a synthetic foam-like material frequently used in the outsoles and midsoles of many types of footwear.
  1. A tread pattern will help your non-slip shoes grip the floor firmly.
  1. Materials must be flexible, malleable, and adaptable.


6. Stylish and Comfortable


Buying a pair of non-slip shoes from Everflex is a good idea because the shoes have all of the important qualities and features that the team discussed. Additionally, our collection is pleasing to the eye.

Allow us to break down the different styles available.


For Women


Everflex's non-slip shoes for women are all black. In addition, we provide laced-up and non-laced styles. Our non-slip shoes with laces are made for the hospitality and elderly care industries, while our shoes without laces are for anyone who wants to stay active and be ready to walk on any surface.


The sizes of the non-slip shoes are 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. Check out our size guide if you need help figuring out what size Everflex you need. It shows how your size compares to those in the US, UK, and EU. Choosing your Everflex size is simpler if you are familiar with your size in any of the three.


For Men


At Everflex, all our men's non-slip shoes are black lace-ups. Like the women's category, the lace-up style is for the aged-care and hospitality sectors. The non-slip shoes for men at Everflex come in sizes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13.


It's time to get yourself a pair!


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Knowing why non-slip shoes are worthwhile should be enough to make you want to get a pair for yourself. The most significant reason is that they keep you safe and protected in an environment where you spend most of your time. Go to the Everflex online store or the retailer nearest to you.


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