What Makes A Good School Shoe!

Are you looking for new school shoes?

Treat your kids to comfortable, fashionable, and supportive styles when you buy from Everflex! Here’s what you need to know:

The best school shoes are ones that suit your children’s needs. 

For the most part, you won’t have to look any further than our classic school shoes. With their rounded toes and glossy black leather (or synthetic) material, these are the go-to shoes for any student. These can tough it out during recess and lunch but still look good when it’s time to go back in the classroom. 

If your kids have PE classes or are involved with sports and high-energy extracurricular activities, then the ideal school shoes are our active kinds. At Everflex, you have the choice of all-white or all-black sneakers and trainers. These have grooved soles which will assist grip and allow kids to stop, turn, or switch direction rapidly. Plus, there should be no sliding or stumbling in these school shoes, so slippery game courts won’t pose an issue. As with our other styles, you also have the choice to pick a pair with touch-fastening straps or laced uppers, so students of all ages are set and sorted! 

Finally, we also have some special school shoes for spring and summertime! These airy styles will keep feet from getting hot, sweaty, or smelly during the warmer months. And, despite being partially-open, our Mary-Jane school shoes won’t break the dress code! Since they keep their toes covered, your kids should be alright to wear these flats outside. 

Now, what about some more specific features?

Fit fastenings are one key aspect 

Unless you want your kids to be tripping over their laces all day, then choosing the proper features is necessary. Everflex has three main styles for you to select: touch-fastening, laced or buckled. Each one can get altered for a tighter or looser fit, so none of our school shoes compromises on comfort. 

School shoes with touch-fastening tabs are best for younger students, as, unlike laces, kids will be able to do up these tabs by themselves. Buckled designs are similarly straightforward, although they are slightly fiddlier. Finally, lace-up school shoes are our top pick for older kids. 

Don’t forget about long-lasting comfort 

Since your kids will be spending five days a week in their school shoes until they either ruin or grow out of them, you need to make sure that they are comfortable. Poor support can lead to scores of problems down the line, particularly when developing feet are the ones being affected. Luckily, Everflex school shoes get built with comfort and support at the forefront. Our styles come with flexible (but sturdy) soles to cushion and protect feet. 

Durability also makes school shoes better!

Everflex offers synthetic and leather styles for students. Both are hard-wearing and should last until your child grows out of them. However, there are some added benefits to each variation.

Synthetic styles can handle water and mess far better than leather and provide an effective barrier. Any marks can easily be wiped, brushed away, or covered up by Dubbin and other shiners. Leather school shoes are more flexible and have greater air circulation than synthetic styles. However, they tend to require more maintenance and get scuffed easily. 

Still, whatever material you choose, you can rely on Everflex school shoes to keep up with your child!

Affordable prices also add to the allure

We know maintaining a uniform can be tough work even with one child, and we also believe that school shoes should be affordable for everyone, so Everflex keeps prices low and quality high.

So, will you be getting school shoes from Everflex this season?