What are the best training shoes?

Active footwear, in particular, trainers, should provide more protection than your average pair. Stability is the name of the game, but so is flexibility. Not only do your shoes need to be able to allow for a more excellent range of movement, but they must also have the proper cushioning in places like the heel to handle more significant levels of impact.

Kids Trainers

Flexibility is even more critical when it comes to the littlest feet. A pair of trainers which are for infants or children should be light and comfortable to promote and encourage healthy growth as they get older. Uncomfortable and hard shoes could have a severe impact on your child’s early development, so it’s no wonder parents have to be vigilant. Our top recommendation in training shoes for our younger customers are some simple lace-up shoes fit with an extra velcro strap. We all know tying up laces can be a challenge for young kids, and keeping them tied is even harder! With a handy velcro strap to help out, you can be sure your kids stay in their shoes! Let your kids channel their inner hero with Spiderman. This flash pair even has a set of red lights in the heel that light up when they walk, so you’ll never lose them again! Olaf is another option, coming in shiny purple and pink, with some of our favourite characters from Disney’s Frozen. Or, for your little Star Wars fan, take a look at Storm!

Men's Trainers

Now, to the men. When it comes to men’s sneakers and training shoes, you can’t go past the Revolution. This high-performance sneaker is perfect for a few hours at the gym, out for a run, and for all your other sporting needs. If you’re looking for some shoes with that extra edge, this pair is the one for you! Worried about big feet? Not a problem— these shoes go all the way up from size 6 to size 13.

Ladies Trainers

Ladies, we invite you to consider the Galaxy. It’s a cross trainer, with breathable mesh, and a seriously durable outsole for all-day wear. Not only is it the classic looking trainers, but it is also versatile, and primed to endure whatever your day throws at you. And, at only $29.99, you won’t have to stress about the price! Still not convinced? Are you after a new set of joggers instead? Too easy! We’ve got Louisa waiting just for you. It is an adjustable lace-up sneaker that can quickly do the trick. Sturdy is what Louisa is all about, so no need to worry about wearing down this pair.

How can I get a pair of trainers?

The first way you can find your trainers for to order the shoes online.

  • Once you have located the ideal pair click on the colour and size you are after then you can click add to cart.

  • Once you have clicked "add to cart", you will see a checkout button appear, click the checkout button, and it will take you to our shipping and review and pay screen where you have the option to pay with a credit card or our other new options of Afterpay and Zippay.

  • After your order has been placed our online team will send out your shoes, and if you are unsure on delivery times, you can check our delivery page to give a rough time of how long it will take to get the shoes to you.

Another option you have is to find your nearest Spendless Shoes store. You can use our store finder to locate the closest store to you, or you can use our find in store locator on the shoes. The find in store method is quite simple as you can locate your shoes with a click of a button.

All you have to do it is:

  • Choose your shoe, the colour and size and then click find in a store

  • Enter your postcode or suburb.

  • It will then show the stores near you, click on the store nearest you and then update the selection.

  • Once you update the selection, you can find out if the best pair of trainers is in stock at your nearest store!

At Spend-less Shoes, we’re eager to cater to customers of all ages and size. Whether you are getting your little ones into their very first trainers or looking for shoes that can keep up with your pace, then come over and sneak a peek at our website today. Spend-less Shoes have all the best in trainers and active footwear waiting right here. Spend-less Shoes, where you can always get the look for less!