What are the best shoes for children?

Are you trying to find the best shoes for your child? Are you unsure of what styles or sizes you are after? Spendless is here to help you find the best shoes for your child.
If you click on our Spendless shoes website, there is a range of children's shoes waiting to be found. We have a dedicated kid's tab which includes sub diving for boys and girl's shoes. Within our boys' category, we have sandals, dress, sneakers, casuals, boots, slippers and rain boots. In our girls' section, we have a range of sandals, dress, sneakers, casuals, boots, slippers and rain boots. However, we also have our other categories inside our kid's range of first walkers, school shoes and sale.

What are the best shoes for my child?

It depends on what the occasion is that you are dressing your child up for. If you are after school shoes, then our school range would be the best kids shoe for that, however, if you were looking for something for a wedding or a dressy even then our dress category in both girls and boys would be the best area to look at. For something a little less dresser like something for comfort and more walking, you could choose our sneakers to range in both girls and boys, or you could do something more casual again with we also have the casual range which can be dressed up on down.
Finally, if you are looking for something around the house we have a selection of slippers for both girls and boys which can be handy when you do not want the kids running around the house without anything on their feet. If you are still unsure, we do have a massive range of kids styles that can be found on our website.

How do I purchase the shoes for my children?

You can purchase kids shoes in two ways, online our website or at one of our stores.
Our online store has delivery times and costs that can be found on this page. If you have any other questions regarding our kids shoes, we have a contact us page where you can send us a message. If you are after a pair of shoes for your child but would like to try them one, you can use our store locator, or you can locate the shoes in one of our stores and then go in to try them on.
To find in store you just have to choose the footwear, colour and size and click find in a store. Provide your postcode, and it will bring up your nearest stores which you can select and see if they have the shoes in stock for you to go and try on to see if it is the best shoes for your child.

There are all kinds of great shoes for children and finding the best pair for your child is as comfortable as just browsing our website and locating the correct shoes for the right occasion.