What Age Should I Look Into Purchasing Proper School Shoes For My Child?

What age should your children be before you start looking for proper kids’ school shoes?

What degree of support do our styles give, and how much do your children need? When you need some help sorting out kids’ school shoes, come and look at Everflex’s great styles. Everflex has plenty of advice available, so you track down the best pair every time. Let us provide the information, and you can send your children into the classroom with the ideal kids’ school shoes!

Understanding the support needs of children

Each child develops at a different rate. If you want to give them the support they deserve from their kids’ school shoes, then you must understand the stages that concern their feet. At Everflex, we take care to provide age-appropriate kids’ school shoes that bring our customers the most benefits. Depending on the age of the student, the type of support and structure they need differs considerably. Kids’ school shoes are the most frequently worn footwear in any child’s collection, so getting the fit and design right is crucial. Otherwise, you risk incurring aches, pains, and foot problems later down the line, and no one wants that!

Now, here’s what to know about little kids’ school shoes:

It may seem counterintuitive, but our youngest customers don’t need a surplus of support. Little feet have soft bones and muscles that are still developing, which means they require soft and flexible kids’ school shoes. A style with too much arch support, or soles that are too rigid, can add unnecessary pressure to small and sensitive feet. So, if you’re buying kids’ school shoes for toddlers and other young children, make sure that you keep this in mind.

Compare this to what older students need:

Pre-teens, teenagers, and fast-growing children need extra care for their feet. As such, you’ll see that many of our larger kids’ school shoes come with built-in features like padded innersoles, arch support, and sturdy grip. Everflex creates designs that can handle hours of sitting, standing, walking, and playing, and all while keeping students in perfect comfort.

When should you make the switch? 

Once again, you’ll want to note that there is no set age to switch your children from soft-soled kids’ school shoes to contoured ones. If you want to know when it’s time, you’ll need to keep track of how their feet are growing. As children age, their feet transition from a flat foot shape to one with an arch. When you can start seeing that natural curve in the middle of their foot, it’s time to consider updating your kids’ school shoes. This sort of development typically accompanies growth spurts. So, see if you can observe any significant shape change when they outgrow their first or second pair of kids’ school shoes.

Fastenings signify the switch to proper looks too

Take a look at our kids’ school shoes; you’ll see that the leading difference between our younger and older styles (other than the size) is the fastening type. Little students get touch-fastening or buckled straps, while older ones get laces. Lace-up kids’ school shoes are the classic look, and what people expect to see student wearing. Even if your little one can still fit into a design with touch-fastening bands, we recommend that you swap them to a lace-up pair as soon as they’re confident enough to tie them up independently. Laced kids’ school shoes feel more professional and grown-up, after all!

We hope this has been helpful

And, remember, the time to switch from a start-up style to a proper one is unique for every student! Learn more about Everflex’s kids’ school shoes on our website, or start shopping for something new