Ways To Wear In Your Son’s New School Shoes!

Does your son have a new pair of boys’ school shoes? Everflex knows some great ways he can wear them in quickly! Keep reading to find out more! 


What sort of material are the boys’ school shoes?


While our designs are cosy from the very start, a brand-new pair might feel a little more rigid than what your child is used to right now. After all, if your son’s previous set of boys’ school shoes lasted him a few months (or over a year), then they’ll have changed to fit their foot shape and become softer during that time. As such, there may be a bit of an adjustment period as your child becomes accustomed to a fresh pair. The material makeup of your boys’ school shoes can also play a role.

At Everflex, our styles are either vegan-friendly synthetic pairs or ones that include a leather upper, lining or sock. Synthetic boys’ school shoes are the most durable, and while they’ll be lightweight or your child’s feet, these have a firmer fit in the beginning. In contrast, styles featuring leather tend to be more malleable from the get-go. The difference isn’t too significant, but it is something to keep in mind when you’re buying new boys’ school shoes! 


How do you wear-in classroom styles?


The easiest way for kids to get used to boys’ school shoes is to wear them around! Get your son to wear them around the house and take some of the tension out of their pair. If you buy a new pair towards the end of their holidays, then it should be easy to have your son wear his boys’ school shoes for an hour or so every day. We recommend waiting until the afternoon or evening because your kid’s feet typically swell during the latter half of the day. After all, that should help take the tension out of the material of your boys’ school shoes faster. 


Do you want to break-in your son’s sneakers or trainers? 


We know that your mind will probably be more focused on boys’ school shoes, but don’t neglect their sportswear! Your child will benefit from wearing in their sneakers and trainers a bit before they take them to PE class or their weekly sports practices. Luckily, there’s no shortage of places where your child can wear sporty boys’ school shoes, even when they’re not in uniform. Does your child like to get outdoors in the afternoon or on the weekends? Trainers and similar boys’ school shoes get made for activewear and physical activities. Send your son off to play with his mates in his new sneakers during the holidays, and then he’ll be ready to take them into PE class once the term starts up again. 


Use some of our cosy innersoles to keep your boys’ school shoes comfy!


While your son is getting used to his new footwear, he’s sure to appreciate a bit of extra cushioning for his feet. Don’t worry if the soles of your boys’ school shoes are a bit stiff in the beginning, because a week or so of wear should loosen things up at once! Still, that doesn’t mean that your son should be uncomfortable in the meantime, which is why innersoles are the perfect accessories for your boys’ school shoes.

You’ll find a mix of gel-infused inserts and plushy fabric innersoles at Everflex, but they’ll all support your son’s feet expertly! Plus, they’re one-size-fits-all, so you can cut them down to fit your boys’ school shoes and foot shape flawlessly. So, use innersoles to safeguard your son’s comfort while he wears in a new pair. 



Have a go this season! 


With Everflex’s handy tips, your son can settle into boys’ school shoes even faster!